Understanding Women is Easy

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

It’s not hard to understand women, or men, or politicians, or businessmen or cats or physics or math or anything if you have correct scientific theories.

These 2 sentences, for example, explains 50% of their behavior. Humans are selfish. They response to incentives.

The rest are fine lining on what incentives and selfish mean. For example, do people maximize their selfish interests based on what they believe or based on what’s true? Do interests of families matter?

Of course, most people have wrong theories, including me, and any discussion that lead to the correct theories are “offensive”. And that’s pretty much 90% of what the problem is.

I bet my ass that most men are more difficult to understand than women.
Perhaps in western societies women are hard to understand because you can’t just pay them for sex. So you need to resort to all these complex techniques to get laid.

In sugar relationship, women are easy to understand. 50% of what she will do depend on how much financial security you can provide compared to your competitors. The rest are things like like how handsome you are, how young, or old you are, how delicious food you eat together, and how pretty the other girls you ask her to have 3 somes with.

Women response to incentives, just like men.

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