Understanding Things Through Motives

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

When we look at this, it’s pretty obvious of what’s actually happening. For example, the pictures claim that Dinosaurs have sex and then meteor comes. If we see this as “truth” so many things are just absurd. How the hell the author knows that meteor comes because dinosaurs have sex? Also we know all animals have sex pretty much a lot. That’s how all sexual creature reproduce. Do we see higher meteor shower when they have more sex or what?

But if we see the motive behind the picture, things are obvious. Some people do not like sex to be governed by free market and prefer that to be governed by religion or government. So they basically say that you shouldn’t have sex before marriage. And then they made things up. It’s easy for people that do not believe in Christianity, for example, to see how obvious what’s going on is.

However, if you’re inside their bubble, if you’re a Christian, you are confused as hell. Plenty of political rhetoric are like that. Some says bigger government in healthcare will make it cheaper. I bet it doesn’t. Another say welfare decrease poverty. It actually increase it. In fact, most poor people would have gone extinct by starvation if not because of welfare and hence gone. Some are just plain vague.

This is offensive. That is racist.

Again, seeing what do they want and what sort of nonsense they would spew to motivate us to do what they want is a better way to see things. Do you have a sample where you start of inside the bubble and you really get confused? You feel uncomfortable, weird.

Things don’t make sense at all. And then, you start seeing things outside the bubble and things tend to be obvious?

For example. How to get rich. When I was a kid, I thought the way to do it is to study hard and then get a good job and so on and so on. But so many things don’t make sense with the model. Why everyone moves at the same speed even though some just learn faster? Why do I have to learn courses that don’t make money?

Why do I have to memorize names and so on and so on…. And yet everyone acts like everything is fine and I am an idiot for questioning those.

Of course, after reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Federal Mafia, things start making sense to me. Any similar experience?

May be an image of text that says 'THE DINOSAURS HAD SEX... AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM. ABSTINENCE I go to a Christian college and just walked into a residence hall and am crying laughing'

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