Uber and Lyft and Countries

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Imagine going to Uber or Lyft. Imagine saying, wow, a lot of their driver can’t drive. Uber should do enough to help those who need help the most.

What will happen?The day Uber does that, it’ll get slaughtered by Lyft. The more Uber reward unproductivity, the more fucked it is.

Countries are similar. Maybe not the way it used to be, but similar.

We can say the government should help/reward those who are unproductive, sick, not contributing, lazy, or whatever. The day the government does that, is the day another country that rewards the productive, diligent, contributing, to grab all the smart people and get more prosperous.

In fact, that’s what US government did. It used to sponged in the best and brightest to come in. The 3rd world countries protest. It’s brain drain. But well, it’s the way it should be.

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