True Purpose of Women Study Courses

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

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I wonder if women study courses teach how us how to persuade women to let us fuck them.

I mean that’s like 90% of the purpose of studying women right?

Hello, I took women to study courses in my MIT business schools. With what I learn, I fuck more women with less costs. My marginal cost per fuck drops by 50% and for the same amount of money I can fuck more women and persuade them to do sexier and sexier poses.

My friend takes more advance courses and is now one of the most popular porn stars in Japan. Women literally queue up to do porn with him.

Studying women is very important to get a head or a blowjob in this current competitive worlds.

It’ll give us a distinct competitive edge in turning them on.

You can’t turn women into sex objects before you turn them into study objects first.

It works for any objects actually. I would encourage more men to study women more in women study courses in higher education.

It’s one of the best courses I took. It gives me a higher bang for the bucks. I see the improvement of life’s quality per credit among other courses I take.

By scoring more with women I can save tons of money I would have otherwise spent on porn for the cost of only 3 college credits.

What’s being taught in women study courses anyway? I took an ethnic study course in UW Madison. What did they teach in women study? Menstrual cycles? Hormones? Best dildos for foreplay? BDSM? They don’t dissect actual women right? Groped?

I think I’ll be doing a women study course session in a club too. I am setting things up. I want to study how to make them reach the big O with my friends. We’ll grope her till she cums again and again and again. Otherwise, she’ll just have to teach us well so we do it right.

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