True Capitalists

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

True capitalists never raise price. Even though demand exceed supplies for my gmail accounts, I refused to raise price. I want to be like Sam Walton and Henry Ford. Make ways to do things bigger, cut price.

As for vengeance. Well, why capitalists pay tax? Because we don’t kick butt. It’s the same reason why Jews are exterminated. They didn’t kick butt.

Kick butt and people fear you. Failed to kick butt and people will think you’re weak and they screw you big time. They just need a good reason to do it. Let’s see. That’s one main purpose of religions, to show that somehow the innocence is guilty.

Life is a balance of Yin and Yang. Keep kicking but and you can be emperors but can get killed too in the process. Keep yielding and you die too. It’s a balance/complex thingy.

As for muslim occupation, the issue is very complex. There are so many hidden agenda many sides have.

Also, private poverty land dispute is different than country land dispute.

Imagine 2 libertarian countries exchanging land. Then everything remain about the same. Before I belong to country A. Now I belong to country B. So what? No biggy.

Real issue happen when the countries are not libertarian. Oh no, now I belong in Muslim territories. Now I can’t enjoy free sex. Ah Israel captured the land. Too bad my religion is not Jewish and now I can’t build house or get kicked out. Which is pretty shitty too. The farmers in Golan couldn’t go back to their house.

The real issue is which ideologies you like, not who own the land. I mean, c’mon. That’s the real dividing line right? Democratic countries support Israel and Muslim monarchs support Palestine.

By the way, many Jews are kicked out from Arab lands. Where do they go? Israel. End of refugee story. How in the earth no body want to accept Palestinians is a little beyond me. There is a theory that the Arab countries deliberately do not accept Palestinian refugees to keep the conflict alive.

And Israel? Why the hell it bombs the shit out of Lebanon over 2 kidnapped soldiers? Maybe they want more land. Maybe they want to prevent democracies from happening in Lebanon and be US sole ally.

Life is either competition or war. Many hate competition so choose to wage war. Imagine if you live in land where polygamy or free sex is legal. Well, there has to be some way to channelĀ  the rest of the males that aren’t getting any somewhere. So we have war.

But of course polygamy and free sex should be legal. Monogamy is the main reason of all poverty in the world. The whole point of getting rich is to reproduce better in the gene pool.

The Arabs have the best land in the world with oil and stuff. Israel only got a tiny patch of unfertile land without natural resources and this thing cause wars? Why can’t any side that kick people out pay monetary compensation, arrange some places for the other to leave and move on. I think there are many players that have many hidden purposes about it.

Maybe because I am a chinese in Indonesian land I do not see how land is such a big deal. Land is just something you buy, sell and rent. Whichever government rule the land, as long as it is reasonable is fine. Holy land is just an oxymoron bullshit to justify killing large number of people for what otherwise worthless.

That’s what holy is. Justification to screw others over nothing to hide some real intent. We want to kill people, get pissed of over nothing. It’s just a caricature. Why do people get mad? It’s just a small land? The real reason is because I am such an asshole wanting to kick butt to demean others’ freedom but I need more agreeable reasons. That does it, the land is holy, the guy in the caricature is holy and who knows what.

I don’t hate Muslims. My most trusted friend and employee is one. However, like Christianity 3 centuries ago, it’s simply the main used religions to oppress others now. I am suspicious of all religions actually.

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