Truth and Falsehood of Marriage

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

In ancient time, sex outside life long legally binding marriage is illegal. That effectively rations females in equal share for everyone. The justification is no woman want to share anyway. Not true.

Prostitution is prohibited because no women want to be prostitute anyway. Not true. To the opposite, being a prostitute often pays much more for women with equal beauty than being a wife. Having a right to be a prostitute will give women some bargaining position that ensures that when they do choose to get married, they are reasonably monetarily compensated for their sexual service.

Yes many women want to be prostitute. Many of them have tasted marriage where the males just leave living them with obligation to finance their kids through college on their own. What job do you think would work? The real reason behind anti prostitution law is to ensure that such irresponsible males get a wife anyway.

Rather than prohibiting porn and prostitution because it hurts women (which women?), what’s more likely is that it’s prohibited to prevent competition. The law may be there to eliminate women’s alternative to marriage, hence making all marriage forced marriage. It’s also there to protect ugly women from competing with higher quality porn goddesses.

What about humans’ trafficking that turn women from poor countries into sexual workers in rich countries? Well, many argued that it should be prohibited because all women would rather stay in some messed up country where their clits got clipped rather than serving richer males in more affluent countries with high pay and hence all such trafficking must be non consensual and should be prohibited. Not true. The real reason is probably that ugly women in affluent countries do not want to compete with cheaper prettier higher quality babes from poorer countries.

When laws are there against mutually consensual deals between humans, beware, most likely, its insidious lies. That’s the kind of lies that witch hunters, Nazi, inquisitors, and the rest use.

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