Too much libertarianism can lead to statism. Tolerating some statism can lead to minarchism

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I am a minarchist.

Am I a statist or libertarian?

I think full libertarianism can lead to statism and tolerating statism can lead to more minarchism.

For example. Eliminate governments. Well, we will kill each other. Mafia will rules. That becomes governments and hence statism.

Tolerate statism. Allow states to do most things except attacking one another, preventing people from leaving, or changing laws too abruptly.

We also need people with power over the state and ability to be profited if the country is attractive to many taxpayers.
One possible arrangement is to assign owners to provinces or cities. Initial owners can be citizens of the provinces or cities. It’s called privatizing states.
Another is to open governorship to corporations. So a super wise guy like Bill Gates can effectively be governor for a few corporations and cities.
Make profit sharing agreement where the corporations will get richer if the states are attractive to tax payers.
Each state will have the incentive to provide values at the minimum amount of tax.

That’s pretty minarchists to me.

Many states will be minarchists. Libertarians can move there.
Many states may not be minarchists. But who cares? Just don’t live there.


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