This will Eliminate Poverty

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

and yet drum rolllllllllllllllllllllll Some white people say it’s unethical. Paying women $10k for their eggs is unethical? Paying more based on how specific criteria is unethical? Who is the victim here if I may know?

I don’t usually criticize white culture. I admire many aspects of this. However, every time I see a solution to eliminate poverty and to improve IQ, there is some people that say it’s unethical. And those people are overwhelmingly white. Prohibiting anyone to pay women to donate egg, to have children with them, or to even have sex is genocide against pretty and smart women.

Extra 100 points in SAT scores means extra $2k in eggs price?

Worth it.

Why can’t people see the obvious? Those pretty smart women will have less descendants if the market solution is blocked. It’s totally consensual in every way.

People say eugenics lead to genocide of Jews. To the opposite. Anti eugenics lead to genocide of Jews. People want to get rid their best and brightest because the best and brightest are tough competitors.

And that’s what we have now. Anti eugenics people want to exterminate the best and brightest.

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