The World is Full

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Why is it that those productively making the world a better place keep thinking that the world is full for their kind and those who are making the world a worst place don’t care?

If you don’t breed, someone else will. If you don’t grab those girls, someone else would. That someone else may be worst than you. Why not let the girl decide rather than self imposing what’s best for her?

Kids need their dad. Fine. It’s an issue.A billionaire with 100 kids can’t spend enough time for each of his kid. Reasonable. However, if he refuses to be daddy, someone else will be the daddy. That someone else may just put babies in drop box. And that’s legal.

Also when the rich and productive want to breed people say the world is full, greedy, glutonous.

If the poor want to do the same with YOUR money, then it’s human’s right.

Go figure.

Anyway I’ll submit some drafts to some publishers.

I suspect, though not sure, that everyone deep inside just want the poor to breed and the rich to go extinct. I mean, the law in every countries are like that. Hatred against alpha males or something.

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