The Whole Point Of Getting Rich

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Rich males want as many females as possible. That’s the whole point of getting rich. Women prefer the rich. Rich males can attract and afford more women. And that’s why many want so many laws against consensual sex. To exterminate the best and brightest, and hence, tougher competitors from the gene pool.

Polygamy allows those with under represented, hence rare and valuable, talent to survive better in the gene pool. Prostitution allow those who serve the market more to simply used the money they earn fairly to hire women to create more productive individuals.

Sex laws against consensual sex, like anti prostitution and anti polygamy is slow genocide against those who are able and willing to pay for reproduction. Those are the kind of people that won’t bother the rest of us with welfare.

Why do you think the Jews and Mormon are model minority? Where are the smart among everyone else? They’re gone, because smart monks can’t even get married.

When unproductive people want to breed 12 kids, it’s legal because it’s humans’ right. That right, of course, implies the right to force the rest of us to support their kids. Even the poor liberal often prefer to have higher standard of living than making more kids. That’s why they instinctively want drugs legalization, gay right, and “pro-choice.” We’re losing money without making them happy. It’s a highly inefficient appeasement.

Yet, when rich smart males want to beget as many kids as he can afford, then virtually all ways become immoral. The billionaires cannot just pay women for sex because of anti prostitution law. Anti polygamy laws means they cannot have more than one wife. Child support laws are set up proportional to a man’s wealth rather than the need of a child. If child support law is 20% of your income per kids, for example, then no matter how rich you are you can’t afford more than 5 kids.

All these are not very surprising, when we understand that deep inside, less capable individuals crave the extermination of those more capable than them. That’s why people like Hitler became so popular.

Contemporary definition of sin in any religion is no longer acts that hurt others. Nowadays, sins mean success. When men successfully, and honestly, make money and mate with many females, suddenly that’s sin. The same happen to men that show “unusual capability.”

That’s why the mob free Barabas and demand Jesus to be put to death. That’s why religious leaders preach forgiveness toward thieves, burglars, and murderers while demanding heavy punishment for men that successfully, honestly, and consensually make a lot of money and mate with many females.

Living as the best and brightest is best or bust. They often do things differently, which mean they can be very successful, or fail up miserably. Unless the successful among them do not make many kids, they won’t make enough kids to compensate for the failure among them. Soon, they’ll be gone. The horde of evil parasites will simply become more and more. With huge voting power, they’ll simply want more and more.

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