The Two Most Politically Incorrect Sentences in Western Civilization

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Sentence 1: Men naturally want as many females as possible.
Sentence 2: Women want the best genes.

These 2 sentences can be very politically incorrect.

Especially sentence 2. Women want the best genes, imply that there are such things as best genes.

What are the best genes?

Whichever customers prefer.

If we go to supermarket we have plenty of products. Some tastes better. Some have better ads. Some looks more appalling. Some is more practical. Some are cheaper. Some boost egos.

All products claim they have the best products. However, supermarkets will not bother offering products that are just bad. Customers will simply choose other products.

Products that do not get chosen will be out of product pool. The factories that manufacture those products will lose money. Investors will pull the plug. And we’ll never see those products in the market again.

The same way, there are plenty of males in the world. Some richer. Some are more handsome. Some pay more. Some successfully mate with many girls. Some stronger. Some smarter.

All males would convey to women that they have the best genes. However, it’s stupid to keep offering genes that are just bad. Women will simply choose other males.

Males that do not get chosen will be out of the gene pool. The males that produce bad genes will not get laid. Women will simply choose other males.

Of course, the combinations of those 2 sentences, if sex is free, lead to the very simple fact. Most males will not get any.

So what those males do? Those males will make the first sentences to be very politically incorrect. They will demand restrictions of trade in a way that effectively ration females in equal share for everyone. That’s why we have anti polygamy laws.

Not only those 2 sentences are politically incorrect, they hide behind us the 2 most important principles in the whole world called Yin and Yang.

Relationships that govern males and females are the same with relationships that govern so many things.

Portfolio managers want as many investors. Investors want the best portfolio mangers. E-Book producers want as many customers. Customers want the best e-book producers. Leaders want as many followers. Followers want the best leaders and so on.

Hence, not only it’s important not to blind our self to those 2 sentences, it’s also very useful to understand that well if we want to be successful at anything.

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