The Real Problem with Socialism

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Should we blame people for being selfish? Wouldn’t it be like blaming gravity? If we’re blaming selfishness aren’t we the one that’s wrong?

Look at socialism. Voters want more jobs and welfare. Well, they just want to maximize their profit. Corporations and businessmen want to maximize their profit. Why can’t voters?

The mistake of socialism is not that the voters selfishly maximize their profit. The mistake of socialism is that they often don’t.

Socialists are often like bad shopowners. They treat their best customers badly and subsidize their bad customers. They set the price and discount wrong and too complicated.

They make doing business with them difficult.

They hurt their own customers for “equality” and indirectly they hurt themselves.

They are not maximizing their profit and the best customers simply flee.

Many socialists hate wealth no matter what. They reward welfare based on poverty. That is not a way to maximize their interests.

Those commies are like shop owners that don’t want to see their customers happy. Their customers simply go to other shops. Often, the customers actually pay more to that other shops and don’t mind if they are treated more friendly.

Many commies tax incomes to prevent the poor from getting rich. They don’t do it to make more money. They don’t make more money. They do it out of spite to the rich.

They make welfare complicated so tons of money lost in political costs. Voting issues are too complex, many policies are effectively burning money.

Instead, voters that want to maximize their interests, should govern their country like a business. The benefit to voters should be like benefits to shareholders. It should be simple to calculate and hard to corrupt, like simple dividend or UBI.

All voting blocs should think how to make the pie bigger, not just to voters, but to their customers, the taxpayers, instead of concentrating on getting more concessions from other voting blocs and customers.

Say I am freer and saver in country A than a country B. Obviously I am willing to pay more tax to live in country A more than B. People in country A can collect more taxes than people in country B and I would still move to country A and pay those bigger taxes.

Redistribution of wealth should based on that. Poorer voters shouldn’t get more just like poorer shareholders shouldn’t get more dividend.

Instead of preventing people to gain wealth, voters should let the smart to get rich productively and find a way to monetize that.

Many rights are just too costly to economy. Why form unions or demand a right to block roads during protests, or do strikes?

Nation states are protection rackets. That’s the real business of nation states. Voters should simply do their job well. Voters should simply protect businesses, get their tax, and ask for reasonable protection fees.

Let the market and competition among nations take care the rest.

Now that’s the profitable ways to redistribute wealth. We all maximize our profit and everyone is better off.

The socialist can be the side that says we should raise price and the libertarians should be the side that says we should lower price.

Nothing is inherently right or wrong. Competition among nations will ensure that the tax rate will be about the same anyway. That’s not where progress is.

The biggest problems of socialism are not that they are lazy parasites. Many people in North Korea, are more diligent than people in capitalist countries.

The biggest problem of socialism is the misallocation of resources.

Misallocation or resources happen because socialism is just too complex for average voters and people.

So many socialists prevent others from being wealthy because they think it’s wrong. When they tax people, they don’t tax people so they make more money. They tax people to prevent others from being rich even though they are not profited.

Often the money don’t really go to voters. The money simply go to corrupt officials and politicians that see that they can make more money demonizing the rich.

They also give more money to those lazier and dumber.

The wealth of some people are just benefits to customers. Those benefits if managed correctly will go to voters one way or another.

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