The problem is not religion

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

the problem is not just islam or religion. It’s an everlasting problem. Class struggles if you call it.

Everyone wants to rule everyone else. That includes ensuring that everyone leave everyone else the fuck out alone (libertarian), ensure that everyone pay more money to them (socialists), ensure that no body have fun without their approval (conservatives). Yada yada. Power struggle between slaves and slave owners. It’s never ending.

At first I was conservative because I am diligent, then I am libertarian because I love freedom, then I can understand some liberalism because feeding the poor is cheaper than killing them, then I am apathetic. Everything is just part of the game. The only thing right is, does it serve me? That’s what everyone else are doing with few deviation anyway.

Look at Singapore. 1.5 times US percapita income with no resources. Very meritocratic. Yet, you get death penalty for smoking ganja and not democratic. Why? Simple. If it were democratic, it wouldn’t be meritocratic.

We can’t have it both way. Some libertarian adopt anarcho capitalism. Fine. The problem with anarcho capitalism is we’re already there. Just think of all government as protection racket business and pick those you hate least.

Or better yet, move around and pick what you love best in each country.

Make another google and enjoy paying only 1% income tax and that alone shows that freedom is possible, without changing the world. Then bang women in Asia and you don’t have to fear child support. Then move to socialist Europe and enjoy all the public expenditure you don’t pay tax on.

At the end, ideally, each country will ensure that those who pay are those who enjoy or spend, but that’s THEIIR job, not you. Your job is to abuse whatever system they come up with and whatever flaw in their system is.

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