The Holiest Land on Earth

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Is Kemang in Jakarta.

The land was flooded once. It caused panic of the inhabitants. Due to metaphysical reasons not fully explainable by physics, it causes a certain spiritual imbalance best understood by those truly enlightened such as businessmen. The price of the land drop temporarily.

A group of people then use this opportunity to acquire the land. However, these are indeed holy warriors. They do not kill civilians, or soldiers. In fact they don’t kill anyone. They do not hurt, force, or point gun on anyone. They just pay damn cold cash and get the holy land.

For some reason, people do not think the process is holy. Some would actually want to criminalize the behavior. I wonder why.

There another land that is not so holy in my opinion.

It’s, you know, the Israel land in middle east.

There is trade restriction on that land where jews cannot buy that land. That alone pretty much rob 50% of the market value of that land from the original palestinians’ owner. Of course, not being able to buy land and facing constant pogroms, any minority groups will do whatever it takes to get things done.

So we see constant strive of lying, killing, murdering, cheating bullshitting by both sides that want that same land.

Yet, people thing that it’s holy land. The process of lying, killing, murdering, cheating and bullshitting is called holy war. The actors are called holy warriors. All those are according to mein kampf like books called holy books. Written by holy God.



Morality is written by assholes.

Those who rule others decide morality. Those who want to rule others are psychopaths. Those who do not are cowards.

If nobody got hurt and everyone is benefited, there is no need to call it holy. It’s when shit hit the fan that you need to justify to everybody that it’s actually a good thing. So you call it holy, sacred, or whatthefuckever it means.

I would disagree with what most people think as holy.

I think Kemang is far holier place than Jerusalem because those who acquire the land don’t hurt anyone. I think MOST place in the world is holier than Jerusalem.

But who am I that people would listen to me.

Based on the same principle, the holiest sex act is prostitution. No bullshit. No hypocricy. No lying. No stoning. No nonsense. No irrationality. No government intervention. No hidden terms. No prohibition of significant alternatives. No shit. No millions of idiots voting to decide what it means or whether you can do it with same sex partners or not. No collectivism. No political lobbying. No need to care what non target market think and feel about your deal. Just pure holy transaction.

Depending on your religious interpretation, as a christian, I would also say prostitution is no sin and no adultery either. Those who are married to hot wife may cause others to commit adultery and be a stumbling block for horny singles. In most western country, civil marriage is the worst because you effectively reward those who fuck your wife. No marriage, no sin. Jesus must be glad.

Getting married is like putting gold bar in front of your house, not locking the door, and advertise, steal from me. Not only you idiotically hurt your self, you pretty much cause others to steal. You lost money, they go to hell. Lose lose. Better to just buy lock and gun right? Shoot the thieves to death and it’s win win. The rest won’t steal, get a job, become a programmer, create a start up, invent better iPhones, capture the whole market share, and go to heaven. You keep your money and make even more money. Everybody become good guys. Everybody happy. God will be glad.

The holiest product is ganja. No harm. Huge fun. Cheap. Can be mass produced. Make people happy.

Unfortunately, my religion is capitalism. Anything considered holy by this most oppressed religion is often criminalized.

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