Technologies that Predate Humans

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I wonder if some technology or professions are so old they predate humans. That is, they are invented somewhere after the branching of our common ancestors with chimps and gorillas.

All such common ancestors that evolve into homo sapiens master those technologies. Descendants of those who can’t became our cousin species. Look at fire, for example.

All members of homo sapiens can cook. Brain is such an energy expensive organs that humans cannot survive on uncooked food. Humans that use uncooked food will have to hunt for more food. Those pre humans probably end up evolving into chimpz or gorilla.

Cooking is so essential for those humans, that technology probably direct the evolution of humans. Cooking lower energies required to digest most food allowing humans to have energy expensive brains. Energy expensive brains all homo sapiens have cannot evolve without cooking technology.

Capuchin monkeys, when they are taught to trade, will have male monkey having sex with female monkey and then give money afterward. So prostitution probably predates humans too. Perhaps the technologies or professions even predate primates?

Being politicians and leaders probably predate humans. We observe that in gorillas, wolves, and chimps. If something predate humans, that means the occupation is innate. That’s because engaging in such occupations is essential for gene pool survival that those occupations and technologies are probably what shape our species to be the way we are. I would say one day programming will predate humans too.

Humans will be so connected to computer that a child species may show up where members of those species can all code. Those who can’t code will either branch off into another species, or go extinct. Archeology will call them Homo Cannotcodus or something as some sort of cousin species.

Programming then will predate the new child species, Homo Sapien Cancodus.

Maybe this look far fetched. But take a look at writing and reading. In ancient time, most people cannot read and write. Now, almost everyone can read or write. But what about those whose IQ is so low they cannot read or write? Well, they are going extinct because reading and writing is so essential that it predates future humans.

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