Super Dad Origin Story

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Super Dad origin story: SWIM (Someone who isn’t me) just came back from a mission from another town.

There, SWIM got a distress signal from a maiden in distress. I need $150 to pay for my college. If I didn’t have that by Monday I will have to repeat my semesters, she said. SWIM asks for photos to share with his team.

She looks cute enough. Video chat confirms that. She really is a college student in a state university. Quite smart too. I can give you $70 for a few job, says SWIM. But I really need $150 by 1st August says the girl. SWIM then proposes 3some.

However, none of SWIM’s other team is replying. SWIM’s sidekick has another job. SWIM’s teacher isn’t around. Where are you? Well. I am in Serang. Says the girl. Given that you’re so far away, why don’t you go to our headquarters, SWIM asks in a neutral normal font.

The girl got an anonymous OVO transfer for $11. I am coming says the girl. Unknown to the girl, SWIM forward her conversation to his friends. Near the H hours the girl says OTW. SWIM meets the girl. The girl wants to go to hotel straight because she’s tired.

In the hotel SWIM tries to analyze how the girl went into this deepshit in the first place. My dad has another wife, he died leaving $11k loan. He also gets my mom to be fired from his job because he wants to be the man.

That’s why I don’t want to get married. I am scared my husband gonna be like that. Says the girl. Well. That’s just how marriage works. You need a sugar daddy says SWIM. Meanwhile, SWIM’s guru says he wants to join.

Why don’t you video chat with him and see if you want 2 people at once? Finally, the guru comes. The guru berates SWIM for bad hotel choice. This room is bad. We should cancel and change room.

Then the three of us go to Guru’s Mobile (tm) finding better hotels at slightly more expensive price. The guru also set the mood with lasers, dildo, vibrator, morning after pill, and many tools.

I am on my period says the girl. Doesn’t really matter. Let’s try that anyway says the Guru. Well. So the three starts doing their stuffs. The guru fuck the girl, and SWIM gets blowjob.

SWIM got his first threesome and learn how to make girls feel good straight from a more experienced hero.

In the morning, SWIM tells the girl. Society may say we’re a bad guy. But we’re not your dad.

Here is $150 for your college fee. You need to fix your teeth and do more of this for more. The happy girl says thank you.

You just need to learn how to control your shame and get used to work naked. It’s what girls do anyway to get money. Whether she is prostitute or a wife, there isn’t much difference unless she’s ugly.

The girl smiles. The girl left to Serang, leaving SWIM and his guru.

Then we went to breakfast together. SWIM asks his Guru. Are we the good guys?

Well. Are you crazy? says the Guru. We are the kind of guys every parents tell their girls not to meet. Really? Asks SWIM I’d rather my daughter meet someone like us than someone like that girl’s dad.

You are crazy says the guru.

Well. Swim have made tons of mistakes and realizes that maybe everyone else is correct.

Deep inside SWIM feels something good. I am glad we saved that girl in ways most people can’t. Says SWIM. We’re super heroes.

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