Sugar Relationship > Marriage

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think more people should try sugar relationship. Less messy.

White people keep saying that monogamy is ideal or whatever and that father is necessary with their children.

What white men do is serial monogamy which is effectively far less fun polygamy. They just lost lots of money every time they do it. Then they got separated from their children anyway.

With sugar relationship, she leaves, you stop paying. Bye bye….

Want money? Well, I wanna see my children. More fair. Paying gives her an incentive to stay with you.

All women are whores. They just like to pretend they don’t. At least the super pretty and smart ones that I know.

Also, white men are the only animals that fail to see their female co species as sex objects because those are politically incorrect in their culture. They put women through schools encouraging women to be engineers instead of moms. Hell, they’re proud if women can be soldiers.

We won’t see lots of white people in a few generations down the road.

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