Some Words to Think About

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

  • If you think a girl is useable and she isn’t, she can always say no. If you think a girl is not useable but she is, you have done your self and her a great disservice.
  • We need to remember those who don’t get girls yet. So whenever a hot babe want to have sex with us, we need to remember not to ever waste her kindness for it may not last. That way we shall never wasted any girls. It’s the same reason why we drink beer. Remember, that some kids in India are sober.
  • I never said that all women are useable. Saying that all women are useable is like saying that all women are pretty or fuckable. Of course not. Those who are not are simply not important. At least not for me.
  • The best of the best of women are those that are pretty. The best of the best of pretty women are those that are buxom. The best of the best of buxom pretty women are those that are useable. The best of the best of useable pretty buxom women are those you knocked up. Be very grateful to those great women. Listen to what they want and reward them in anyway they wish. Ignore opinions from the rest.
  • The problem with prostitute and sugar baby¬† is that they know their value and they demand what’s fair, honest, and reasonable out of the value they can give. A women that think like them are usually prettier. Men want to be treated fairly, honestly, and reasonably. Hence a whore or a sugar baby is a a very competitive threat by ugly girls that try to get males out of deceits like marriage or love. Whores, in a sense, are like jews during Nazis era. The one that everyone says inferior is actually superior. Prostitutes are on average superior women. Prostitution is usually a superior job.
  • The cruelest of the cruelest of males are those who say no to hot smart pretty girls that want to sleep with him. Such cruelty is what societies taught us to inflict on all those nice girls. If she said no, tell her that you’re available anyway, for all her kind no matter what, then find someone else.
  • Playing hard to get doesn’t work for male. Even the most desirable males are not hard to get for women. Hence being hard to get doesn’t imply quality whatsoever.

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