Solution of Poverty

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The solution of poverty is very simple. There are poor people in US. Those who slip through the crack. But those are rare right? With minimum wage of $10 anyone can just work, live with their parents, and buy bitcoin or play axie infinity or create a start up if he has high IQ and rich parents.

Only 60% of American males are fathers.

Think about it 40% are not fathers anyway. Imagine if the 60% that are fathers are also the richest. That means no need for welfare enough.

I am pretty sure top 60% of all Americans can afford raising children. We’re talking about top 60% here. Every kid have reasonably rich father.

That’ll eliminate poverty like ice cubes in hell.

The 40%? Well they go extinct. They don’t bequeath their lack of business talent, common sense, IQ to their children.

Poverty will be very low. So, less welfare, less tax.

But what about if women prefer the poor? Yea, it’s the women’s choice. Why should tax payers be responsible for women stupidly choosing poor guys as father for their children.

Would you want to support women that don’t choose you and her children?

Are you a cuckold? It’s her right to choose some other guys but money comes with the cock. It’s the corner stone of justice and fairness in all civilization since time immemorial.

But why the 60% that are fathers are not the richest 60%? Many reason. Excessive child support law is one of them. Welfare encouraging the bottom 40% to be father is another.

Just get rid of it. Instead, reward everyone not to have children and make rich people pay child tax and head tax. The rich will have children anyway and pay those child tax.

I would suggest this in my country, but we don’t have welfare, so things are already working out. I love capitalism. Socialism causes poverty, and poverty means no welfare, and we got capitalism.

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