Small Twists

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think a small twist between what I think and what most libertarian think is I think small local governments are as good as private sectors.

Also, big private corporations are as bad as governments.

Instead of arguing whether something is private or public we should instead ask whether they have enough competition and when they don’t is their monopoly profit justified through productivity.

I do not see the government having a monopoly of power on an area as something necessarily evil. If it’s a small local government I can just move.

I too have a monopoly of power over my house, my bedroom (my bro have power over 2nd floor). So what?

What’s tricky is if some government gets so big (like both of our governments) and some centralized authority have a one size fit all rule for everyone where people can’t easily move around.

How big is too big? I don’t know. Typically, a nation is big enough to defend itself. Small enough that people can move to other nations if they shot themselves in the foot.

Things like anti-porn laws in Indonesia. Many provinces literally have naked populations like Irian and the Hindu in Bali don’t mind.

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