Should we care if a girl likes us or not?

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I used to care.

Now all I care about is the relationship is cost-effective and the transaction is clear and nobody is scamming each other. That each side get what they want and promised if and only all side get what they want and promised.

There are basically a few reasons why we shouldn’t care too much about whether a girl likes us or not and care more about cost efficiency and specs of our heirs’ factories.

  1. Clear transactions make both sides better off
  2. Making things transactional means my money goes only to girls that add value to me. That’s fair.
  3. Not caring or trying to make a girl like you can make the girl like you more. It also turned off girls that are disgusted with you. So you do end up with girls that like you if you don’t care and not taking any shit.
  4. Wanting to make girls like you can attract girls that don’t like you and make it worse.
  5. You need a clear measurable goal. How much she likes you is not measurable. How often you fuck her is measurable. What she is willing to do for you and how much she charges is measurable.
  6. In the end, cost-effectiveness is more important to your happiness than whether she likes you or not. I am spending 1-3% of my income on each girl. Anything more, and I won’t be happy. Losing half of my wealth in alimony? That’ll make me very unhappy.

But let me tell a bit of my story first.

Actually, a high IQ sugar baby I helped to go to get a scholarship in Germany changed my mind and helps me see the truth that trying to make a girl like me is actually a very bad idea.

How do we make girls like us anyway? Not much in our control. It’s set by how we look, on how rich we are. Not much. Mystery. Bull shitters like mysteries.

I thought helping girls achieve their dreams, respecting women, empowering women will make girls like me.

The result seems to be the opposite.

Either they show disgust or I ended up with girls that’s would pick me last. Actually, keeping things transactional and bargain reasonably seem to make them like me. However, let’s ignore her for a while.

Before her, I put too much attention on whether girls like me or not forgetting that 90% of what a girl chooses is based on incentives. I ended up spending 2 weeks of my income and got very little.

That’s while she is selling herself cheaply to my friend or even for free because she can’t get other sugar daddies easily. She used to be reasonably cost-effective. After I am generous, she’d rather fuck everyone else but me.

And girls are not the only one that are like that. My friend? You think she is grateful that I introduce very pretty and high IQ sugar babies to my friend? No.

My friend told her that she should sign up to seeking so she doesn’t need me anymore.

My friend got bored of her, and instead of sending them to me, he throws it away making sure I don’t get any.

One day, losing her biggest sponsor and studying too much she asks money from me. I was pissed. Why she came to me only when she’s desperate. Her other sugar daddies don’t care about her at all and yet I am in the bottom of her totem pool.

However, I felt guilty that got her into this deal. She used to have a job before she met me that she left because we got a deal where I fund her germany study and she lives with me. It’s not my fault she is a scammer, but I felt guilty anyway.

However, again, because I want her to like me, I lend her money, instead of asking for nudes. I thought if I show her respect and lend her money, maybe she likes me. Not much. I lent her $35. But then she keeps wanting to borrow money and I am not getting anything.

I am suspicious. Something isn’t right. All these sugar babies say they like generous men my friend told me that I am paying/giving them too much. Yet they seem to dislike me most.

I asked my other friend what to do and my other friend told me to just let her starve. I have no idea what to do. I paid good money for my other friend to be negotiator. It turns out, my bro is only interested in keeping things simple so he doesn’t have to think.

After she is healthy she fuck my friend again that disrespect her a lot as long as I don’t join. Fuck. My friend walks her on leash like dogs.

It seems that everyone else are cruel to her but me and she prefer everyone else.

I finally offer money for chat. Again not much. Around $3 per hour. I start learning that offering too much means I am not going to get anything.

She said she doesn’t like me because she think I am autistic idiot. Also she told me that girls like money and not me.

Now the puzzle starts fitting in. Even if it’s true girls like money, why doesn’t she like me that pays more?

Because she can get my money even though I get very little. She can get my money even though she makes everything sucks. Why? Because I am an autistic idiot that are obsessed with keeping my words and be fair instead of just renegotiate and not paying.

I thought it’s wrong to break promises. So a pattern of my dealing is I promise one thing in exchange of another thing. The other guy don’t do his part, I keep my part.

While the money is relatively small and the whole thing is experimental, I regret helping other people and be generous. I am not even donating to orphanages now.

Everything is transactional to anyone and I am now very careful that transactions are balanced.

Now, I bargain like fuck when it comes to cash payment. I am still generous when it comes to taking sugar babies to delicious restaurants. Hei I still want them to like me. Burning money in front of potential mate is “romantic”.

That’s what expensive restaurants are for. Of course, I prefer to buy cheaper prawns rather than lobsters now because girls are more impressed with the taste of the food than the sight of the bills. Again, cost effectiveness is key.,

It seems that spending that doesn’t really help girls, and don’t empower girls, are actually more useful at making girls like me.

If we give money, she can use the money to be more independent from me. If I let her play good video games and take her to delicious restaurants, the only way she can keep getting those is if she chooses me.

So most white men are partially correct when saying I shouldn’t pay women. Don’t pay cash a lot. A bit of cash speed things up a bit.

I realized that the main reason why kids have poor parents is that their mom doesn’t like guys like me. Hence, it is toward my best interests to ensure my money don’t go to those kids.

Since then I have adopted the Holocaust survivors motto. “Never Again”

The short answer is all relationship is transactional. Making transactions explicit leads to a better outcome for both sides.

I think it’s naive to think that white men’s relationship is not transactional. They just don’t pay in dollars or bitcoin but by marriage, that is actually very very expensive for rich men.

I have no idea why offering marriage doesn’t count as prostitution. However, people implementing inconsistent ideas in favor of rationing women to losers is nothing new in politics.

Splitting commitments into smaller transactions is also a good way to enforce commitment without counting on the government.

I can say to a girl I love her, but how does she know I’ll be around after I knocked her up? I can marry her but how do I know she wants to give me heir instead of fucking the milkman and sue me for large alimony?

How do I convince a high IQ beautiful girl that I’ll repeat order her for life? How do I know that the girls are willing to give me heirs? One way is to commit and get that commitment enforced by the government.

We call it marriage. However, modern democratic government is more concerned about ensuring monogamy rather than ensuring we both got the best deals. Another way is to split the commitments into smaller pieces of transactions.

A good strategy is to start with a small transaction first. Pay for IQ tests. Pay a little for going to the mall together. Pay for the handjob. Pay for 3 some hand job.

Then pay for fuck. Tell her you’ll repeat order her for life and you are desperate for biological heirs and that our children will be rich. And knock her up.

A good time of proposing to a girl is when your cock is already inside her. Doing it while you’re on your knees signals that you are irrational, stupid, powerless, and simps. Girls, as far as I know, don’t like those men.

International Symbol For Marriage Vinyl Sticker
Don’t do it like this!

Once she is knocked up, she is yours for life. Her sexual market value in the eyes of all other guys drops a lot. In business, we call this barrier of entry.

Unfortunately, she will have your child hostage. Otherwise, she can take it away or worse, abort it. So yea, you got barriers around you too. Can’t fuck around easily once I knocked up one.

Money, however, isn’t an issue. After the child is 1-2 years old, she knows that you’ll repeat order her for life and you are a very financially reliable father.

You can bring another SB on the house and she’ll realize she’ll be losing her cash cow and comfortable life if she leaves you.

Having a girl that I knocked up and show other sugar babies that I am a very financially responsible father helps a lot.

Making things transactional helps ensure that the relationship is win-win on each transaction. It’s also fair. Basically, it’s consistent with my idea of assuming all humans are their lowest common denominators.

However, I think not caring whether girls like me or not and not even trying too hard be a good idea. I think doing that can help any men with top 1% wealth to get girls that like him most.


Paying a girl is also a very quick way to know whether a girl likes me or not. Hell, I actually prefer to just eat lunch unless the girl likes me enough to give me heirs at a mere 2-3% of my income. I don’t want STD.

Unlike most white men, I don’t want to risk 50% of my wealth just to knock girls up either.

For all the things about I am so undesirable that I got to pay for sex, most white men actually spend way more money on their girls than I am.

So if a girl gives a handjob cost-effectively, that means she wants long term relationship. A very quick filter.

A sugar baby that doesn’t like me will charge a lot of money even for lunch. She plans to get the most money at the least service and then go.

A whore that likes me will do well and charge less because she wants the relationship to continue. So aiming for cost-effective whore is a very good measure that the relationship can work in the long run.

Scoring on girls builds oxytocin on her brains, making her like you. The easiest way to do so is to have access to her body. The easiest way to do so is to just pay.

In general, if short-term transactions are win win, then long term relationship is likely.

Of course, cost-effective doesn’t mean I pay the cheapest whores. I aim for high IQ girls that are also pretty. Currently, I hope the IQ is in top 4%, hopefully, top 2%, and whose beauty on top 20%. Also cheap whores may fuck others and have STDs, which is costly if not deathly.

That is why I avoid paying for sex until a few months into the relationship. Most sugar babies aren’t really whores. However, like all women, the best way to deal with them is to treat them like one.

But then again, do you really care she likes you or not?

All I care about is the girls are pretty and have high IQ. I want children with good genes.

I also care that the relationship is win win. If she doesn’t like me and then leaves for another guy that says, pay better, I can’t stop her. It’s just not meant to be.

I don’t care if the stars are aligned. I care that the price match.

I care that I can happily financially support her because she brings a reasonable amount of happiness to me.

Most importantly, I care that if the relationship went south, we had a great time together and can still be friends. I hate having enemies.

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