Should the US Pay Taxes to Barbery Pirates?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Jesus said to render to caesars’ what caesars’.

Based on that, should US have kept paying the Barbery Pirates?

The Barbery pirates looted US merchant ships and agree to stop doing that if US government pay “taxes” to Barbery rulers. It’s a bit like US government not jailing their residences that pay income taxes.

Unfortunately, they didn’t really keep their word till their capital was captured. However, if paying tax is a moral obligation, we should still pay for it even if we can just topple the government right?

What counts as caesars? Does anyone that tax us deserve our money?

What’s the condition that we should pay tax?

Imagine a rebellion in a province. Things like civil war. Should you pay taxes to the rebellious state or the federal government?

I’ll listen to any points of view. Christians, jewish, bla bla bla….

I’ve heard that there is a rabinical rulling that says that the legitimate government is the one whose coins you use. That is why Jesus asked to be shown a coin first. So if we all uses bitcoins, does that mean, the legitimate government is the market itself?

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