Should All Genes Propagate Equally?

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Should all men and women have equal wealth? The answer will be very ideological. Are you a capitalist? You will answer no. Are you a commie? You will say yes. Most people, even libtards and right wingers are somewhere between. We’re all quite moderate here except a few extremists.

I have a more interesting question.

Should all genes have equal probability to propagate?

I mean should genes that make people super smart have the same probability with genes that make you obese or dumb? Should startup founders have the same number of children with a welfare recipient?

And I don’t mean individuals. I mean genes. Meritocracy but in terms of genes.

I myself don’t have superior genes. Some of my genes are superior. I am a mensan. Some of my genes are inferior. I am slightly fat and don’t have six pack. Still working on it.

Most of my genes are arguable. I am politically incorrect. So what? My unusual idea is what gets me rich and being a capitalist, I am quite productive arguably.

What about if we think of some ways to make genes that make people more productive to reproduce more than genes that don’t?

Like capitalism but on genes. You can call it eugenic and genocide. I am thinking more of designing babies. Or encouraging productive capitalists to breed by more liberal reproductive rules. Or eliminating welfare, or giving money to the poor and parasites to stop reproducing. That sort of thing.

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