Should Abortion Be Legalized

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To be honest, I am not even a libertarian on this.

Think about being libertarian but for the genes instead of for individuals.

Now. Who killed the baby? Their own parents. You know, same genes. Let them manage their own family. Killing a baby is like cutting your hand. Normally bad decisions but hei, it’s your body. Yes I know, the baby is a different individuals. I am talking about the genes here.

So what it’s murder?

Another issue, that I think is more important, is welfare.

I don’t give a flying fuck about abortion right because the child died can’t possibly be mine anyway. I have enough money and if I have another child I will just keep it. What about other people’s children? Well, doesn’t matter. They are others’ children.

And not only that, if the babies are born, those babies will be what to me? Think about it. If their own parents want to abort their babies, they usually have good reasons. Maybe they can’t afford those babies. So?

If government prohibit abortion, then those babies the parents can’t afford will be born. Most people cannot stomach leaving babies like that death starving.

So our tax payers will go to the babies. And that’s just near best case scenario.

Such babies are more likely to be poor and rob others. They will grow up being socialist. Our money will be seized through tax to feed those babies. Now THAT is our problem.

Abortion can be murder.

However, my right to do my best to protect my money from falling into the hands of non family member is something I want to protect. Something I care MUCH more than the life of a million babies.

Says who, right to live is basic humans’ right? Do we have right to live? Do we have right not to be robbed, defrauded, attacked? Most libertarians say yes, I know. But it’s more of, yes in a sense that we should have had that right.

Do we? Prostitution is illegal. Drug is illegal. We pay taxes. Why we don’t have that effective right, even for our own life? Because right is never free. If you want right, you got to fight for it or pay someone else who fight for it.

Now, those unborn babies. Do they fight for their right to live? Do they pay us for their right to live? So why should I, or you, bother protecting someone that’s not our children? Their own parents want to kill the baby.

Now what about if mom want to kill baby and dad want to keep baby alive? I would say this sort of issue can be resolved BEFORE conception. The state can have their own default.

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