Short Intro to Evolutionary Psychology

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This is a very short intro to evolutionary psychology. Many people, especially those from rich country, do not think having children is important.

The thing is, let’s put it this way. Say you are the smartest student in your class. You have the highest IQ, you study the stuff, you teach the Math courses to other students. The teachers say that the exam will be survival for the fittest. You are “fit”.

But you slept during exam.

You get an F right?

The way evolutionary psychology works is like that. You can be the richest, smartest, most beautiful, most handsome, strongest, bla bla bla bla bla bla……

If you don’t have more children than your co species competitors, your kind will go extinct.

That means future generation will not be like you.

That means most people are like people that have many children in the past.

So while it seems that reproductive success is not important, in fact, most probably don’t even do that deliberately. They just have sex and suddenly end up with children, strategies of having many children are so hardwired in our instinct and emotion that we tend to do that. If we don’t we’re gone. Also how many children you have will have huge effect on things most of us care about.

Let me give the most obvious sample.

What percentage of world population will be poor, rich, productive, parasitic, capitalistic, democratic, muslims, christians, atheists, conservative, liberal, and so on and so on.

Most people would argue that it will depends on education, indoctrination, reasoning, dialog, war, economic status, and so on and so on and so on.

Nope. All those matter for like 10%.What kind of people in the future will be decided mainly by what kind of people reproducing.

Real life samples.

Will the world be more like western civilization or be more like Taliban. Hard say. Obviously western civilization is richer, have higher technology, smarter. Many said women like white men. Many says they are, on average, more beautiful. They also have higher IQ on average.

The Taliban? They’re cave men.

Will there be more advance democratic prosperous woke nations like western civilization or will there be more hard line islamic people in the world?

That will depend mainly on who have more children.

Currently, western countries give welfare generously. So that means white men will simply bequeath their wealth to whoever have more children.

Then? Then what’s the point? What’s the point of working hard, getting rich, if all your money will go to others’ children because you have few children.

Some people say, well, one child is enough then. Well, having children is not binary. It’s not you have or you don’t. It’s more like positive integer. The effect does magnify.

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