Shang Ti

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

This is pretty crack. I am much more familiar with the bible than ancient Chinese culture.

I think most of the claims are just un related match. In Indonesia we called this “cocoklogy”. So we match (cocok) things that’s not really a match. I wonder what the english words for that.

That being said, I do notice the eery similarity between Chinese Shang Ti and Hebrew ElYon.

Both really mean the ruler above. Shang means above, Ti means ruler. Elyon means most high or something and is seems to be the daddy of Yahweh himself according to Deuteronomy 32:8.

Shang Ti has no form. So he is not depicted. For some reason, he doesn’t like pork either. The Chinese emperor sacrifice bulls.

He is, according to some, worshipped once a year in so-called temple of heaven. To think that the pretty much secular Chinese would share religion and worship one god seems like a historical inaccuracy. Is it? I know the qin emperor is very skeptical of all superstition.

Oh ya, Chinese also practiced humans’ sacrifice. The dynasty that ended that was Qin. Qin ended that not out of benevolence but out of practicality. The first emperor do not believe in superstition.

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