Seek Power and Not just Wealth

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In Physics, we presume gases on top press gases on the bottom and correctly predict gas pressure. Of course, that’s not true. But the model works.

Economists say humans are selfish. Whether it’s true or not I have no idea. However, theories that humans are selfish, often correctly predict humans behavior. How can it be when it’s not true is another story.

Why not go one step further. Assume all humans are psychopaths that want power and do anything to achieve that to get what they want?

Is this true? I don’t know. Does it correctly predict humans behavior?

Libertarians live under the idea that people want money through productivity. That’s often true in free market. I think a more correct understanding is that people want power by controlling things other people want.

Free market is a special case of that. Under free market people have a right to control what they produce, and hence derive benefits from it. Hence, free market rewards productivity, usually.

There are many exceptions in real life.

Imagine someone inventing vaccine and don’t apply for patents. He doesn’t control his invention. How rich will he be? Not much.

Imagine someone controlling something without producing it. Imagine politicians controlling drugs, controlling education, controlling distribution of vaccines. Well those politicians be rich and happy? You bet.

I think a lot of failures I have in my life happens because I seek wealth through productivity instead of power over control. My desire to respect others’ freedom get in the way of success.

I taught my employee my biz secrets and ended up having competitors. I was very productive. However, I lost.

Capitalists produce jobs and services and goods. Yet the majority of people want capitalists to be unselfish. Why?

Because capitalists are weak and because many poor people can vote. You see how good things, like welfare checks, go to those in power. Bad things like tax, go to those who are powerless, like rich smart men.

Yes it’s power. Not mercy or humanitarians. Otherwise most liberals would want to support Africans too. They only support their fellow citizens that have power over them.

All those morality, mercy, humanitarian, honesty, justice, are just bullshit. When they have power, they will say anything to justify their power.

If people with lower IQ have lower income, for example, they will say it’s due to racism, lack of welfare. Why? Because saying that give them power. Saying that the market don’t take care of it will motivate people to give them power to deviate from free market.

None of it is true and none of it make sense. Obviously if we understand that those in power will do anything to cling to power, it make a lot of sense. More poverty means more people voting communism. More power for politicians. More welfare for parasites.

Why another wants to promote marriage and prohibit prostitution? Power. They want to be the pimp of all hoes.

Why another want to prohibit abortion? Power.

No morality. No humanitarian factor. Just greed for power to enslave others.

Political narratives are rarely true. They spread if and only if they empower those in power to create those narrative.

I can be very productive, and get very little, if I think being nice means I will get good things. Good things come to those in power. And power often come from being mean.

Love another and you lost all incentive for others to care about you. Why should they? You already lost power over them. You already do stuffs for them for free. Why should others’ love you?

Love yourself. Reward those who are good to you and only those. Then people will have incentive to love you. How do you show that you love yourself? Many do that by buying expensive cars. I have no idea.

After all, who in this world, deserve your love more than yourself.

So maximizing power is in a sense, the true humans’ nature and goal. Rather than thinking how we can make money productively, we should think how can we control things profitably.

It’s just happen that my main way to maximize my power is by productive consensual means. It’s power anyway.

So instead of thinking how can I maximize wealth through productivity, I should also think how can I maximize wealth and power, by controlling things around me.

After all, wealth is a form of power. Power is true wealth.

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