Scorpion and Frog

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

A scorpion asks a frog to cross the river. The frog says, how do I know you won’t bite me? The scorpion says, I won’t bite you. If I bite you and you die, I will drown. It’s against my best interest to bite you.

The frog agrees. They swim across the river and the scorpion bites the frog. The frog, dying, scream, why do you bite me? We will both die.

The scorpion says, because I am a scorpion.

Most libertarians and capitalists are like frogs. Most statists are scorpions.

We are all selfish. However, we have wiggle rooms. If it cost us little and it can help others, why not. Also we don’t like to hurt others. We are ashamed of ourselves if we do that. We want to be productive members of society, not parasites.

So many of us think welfare is a good idea. What about if some people will just pop babies out of their cunts like machine guns, motivated by those welfare?

We quickly think that is not possible. Why would they? Most people aren’t like that. Doing something like that is just unthinkable for us.

However, there are reasons why some people are poor. Many of those reasons are just. Wealth are often build by good win win relationship. Poor people are often evil. They are often, not always, like scorpion.

Even if they’re not, the politicians that want their votes definitely are. They will structure welfare in ways that encourage poor people to breed.

Many poor men will actually make less money if they work. Many poor women will get less welfare if they have a rich sugar daddy than if they just fuck for free and be single mother.

And a thing about scorpions and frog is that those traits are often innate. Some are just born that way.

When productive people are taxed and punished for being productive and the money goes to feed children whose parents breed like rabbits, the poor people will just breed and breed.

The scorpions will breed. Then they will sting. They will demand higher tax. They will slow down smart students in schools. They will demand criminalization of many consensual acts like drug and transactional sex.

All those acts may actually hurt them too. Places where scorpions burn, loot, murder, tax, terrorize, and torture people become poor. Businesses go. By killing businesses they kill themselves.

Guess what? They don’t care. They’re scorpions. And welfare means, their kind will be more and more.

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