Scandinavian vs Capitalism

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

You’re right. In Scandinavian, for some reason, people actually care about each other, or I don’t know what.


In Indonesia, giving money to government is like throwing money away. Actually government will use your money against you. Government is just an oppressor.


I’ve heard cases where “peace” do happen. So Indonesian government put muslim Javanese people to emigrate to other islands. The problem is the immigrants got free land while the native population do not have land yet.


“Fortunately”, the native populations are peaceful Chinese. So that is one area in Indonesia where the Chinese are poorer than the rest. The Chinese work diligently at the land while the immigrant, because they got free land, just do nothing and collect rent. That’s the situation last time I’ve heard. If latter out of hard work the Chinese workers can eventually buy the land that’s given freely through political mean, as often happen, those poorer mobs will get angry again demanding redistribution of wealth or whatever.


Quite obviously, other situations doesn’t get this “peaceful”. Quite often the native populations are simply mad at the treatment and we got ethnic war.


I don’t see Scandinavian. However, based on what I see in both US and Indonesia, I would vote for capitalism all the way till the day I died. I think it’ll work the same way in Scandinavian too. Proponent of socialism simply gloss over too many facts.


I saw again and again, how “helping the poor” is just an excuse of taking from the weak and productive to stronger parasites.

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