Religious Study 101

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Hear me all listeners. I have just received a revelation from God himself. All of you got to pay me a gazillion dollar. You can donate the money at

What? Why I haven’t heard money coming to my bank account yet? Do you know, if you don’t give me my money, you’ll go to hell.

You’ll go to hell or heaven based on whether you give your money to me or not and how well you convert others into believers like you.

I mean, if the way to go to heaven is not stealing, not killing, not screwing someone else’ wife, and not giving false testimonies, who want to be religious?

So from now on, you go to heaven or hell based on how well you believe religious doctrines and how twisted the doctrines are. We’ll sell of more this way. The other teaching can’t be popular and hence must be wrong.

You don’t believe me that God wants you to put money in my pocket. What? You don’t believe that I am a messenger of God.

I sense lack of faith here. Well, lieutenants, go kill all the infidels that spread apostasy. This people tell everyone that they don’t need to pay. If they don’t pay, then they will go to hell. So by killing them we are saving them from the fire of hell. It’s for their own good.

Of course, if pretty women are extracting a lot of money and higher quality genetic material from rich smart alpha males, we need to prohibit that to protect women. It must be bad for them despite the fact that it’s the strategy that works best in the gene pool for trillions of years.

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