Reasones Ideological

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

People are ideological for a reason. That reason is selfish. Why do you think I am a capitalist? I must be very benefited by capitalism. My lack of ability to follow societies’ norms means I am always blamed for things I don’t understand.

They will always come with so many justification to discriminate against me. I don’t smile the right way, I don’t handshake the better way, my eyes don’t meet theirs. So it doesn’t matter how good my grades are or how well I do my job, I won’t be hired or get a raise because I don’t look at the right direction when they shake my hand.

Not if someone else decides my life.

So who I turn to? The market. Well, not the job market. I can make a little money there and I do my job well happily anyway. The market gives me something all other ideologies cannot.

If I do well, I get a lot. Period.

No “referee” need to come and say, ummm….. let me think if you really deserve this. I don’t have fixed salary. I got commissions when I was in internet marketing. I can make really a lot if I am smart and think outside the boxes.

So, of course, I am a capitalist.

I would imagine someone that cannot make money out of market will not be capitalists. Imagine an incel in Indonesia or USA seeing all the pretty girls are taken. They too will want some religious laws against porn and prostitution and against “vice”

I used to hate them. Now I just want to understand them. It’s not as simple as this is right and we can “reason” that some are right or some are wrong. It doesn’t work that way.

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