Real Reason Behind Anti Semitic

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

The events in Europe during these decades were, thus, not an exemplification of the theory of eugenics, a supposed liberal and humanitarian vision turned to dross. Rather it was, as noted above, a premeditated program of dysgenics, an aristocide, as with too many other genocides of the twentieth century. How else can we understand the ideology of hate during this century that brought about the destruction of so many talented human beings, members of civilizationally achieving ethnic and social class groups? Thus we have here witnessed, from Armenia to Biafra and Cambodia, the dysgenic destruction of tens of millions of the most intelligent, productive humans on our planet.” –

If you ask anthropologists, they’re going to say that people are envious toward the Jews. So they cherish any argument, perjury, and prejudices that put Jews in bad light. Political leaders and religious interpreters then become popular for entertaining and crafting that belief. Also, uniting against a weak enemy is a good way to form alliance. Once the first stone is thrown, all the stones would fly.

That would explain it, other hatred against those more productive. In Indonesia, for example, the Chinese are accused of being the source of corruption. The source of corruption is governments’ intervention in economy, supported mainly by non-Chinese.

The Chinese are accused for not being nationalists. However, we know that a country’s well being comes from proper alignment between individual’s interests and some common goals rather than lack of any stupid irrational feeling, like nationalism. Also, how do you avoid accusations of being unnationalistic anyway?

In Africa, the Indians are kicked out by Idi Amin. I bet, Idi is not going to be honest saying that he did that to gain popularity. I bet he’s going to come up with some pretext whatsoever.

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