Real Reason Behind Anti Semitic

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Many have expressed their concern that the cartoons we published here will be used out of context by real anti-semites to spread further hate against us.

To this I say:Anti semites will always find excuses for hatred, with or without our help. We’ve been accused of everything from 9/11 to hurricane Katrina, the killing of Jesus and the original sin.

In my opinion, the only solution for racism is good education – education for thought and for doubt – so that people think twice before they accept everything they watch on TV or read in the newspaper or hear from their leaders or rabbis as truth from heaven.

Just think twice!” –

History writes that people hated the Jews because the Jews killed Jesus (and a bunch of other pretexts). Later, the issue was settled simply as religious “misinterpretation.”

It’s not that simple. How in the earth those kinds of religious interpretation get popular in the first place?

I mean, let’s see… Jesus is a Jew. All 12 apostles were Jewish. There is nothing in the bible, which is made in Israel by the way, that says, “hate Jews”. So, it’s kind of far fetch isn’t it? The reason why Jesus died is the same reason why Copernicus died, namely being correct when everyone else is wrong. Yet why the same Europeans wouldn’t hate the Pope?

If Christianity is the factor, then we wouldn’t expect anti Semitism in non-Christian countries. In communist Rusia, Lenin (or Stalin) wrote a document that says Jewish doctors conspired to kill Lenin. Later, Russian government admitted that the document was a fraud, after Lenin’s death.

Then, ups, misunderstanding. All right, we’ve been tricked. We know Lenin, Hitler, Mao Tze Tung, or (name your dictators here) are evil. Still, that doesn’t explain why these dictators crafted the fraud in the first place. What motivated those dictators to put more successful people in bad light?

It’s not that dictators are crazy, it’s the people they govern who are. What do you expect from people believing and enforcing irrational faith based on belief anyway. Dictators craft fraud because the dictators know they’ll gain popularity for making up the fraud. Why, because the population embraces envy.

Perhaps there is something about the Jews. However, if that’s the case, then we wouldn’t expect any correlation between non-retaliatory hatred and success. We wouldn’t’ expect hatred toward capitalists, hatred towards the Chinese in Indonesia, or Indian in Africa. We wouldn’t expect that victims of bullying tend to have much higher IQ than their perpetrators. It turns out, we do.

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