Racism in All Countries

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

In Indonesia, I have heard that a university chancellor of ITB (the best college in Indonesia) decided for a pure meritocracy admissions.

Anyone can get in based strictly on test scores. Usually, chinese are harder to get into.

In that one year, 80% of those who attended the university are chinese.

Again, I am not sure how accurate is this.

The chinese consist of a mere 2% of Indonesians’ population. They, in private sector, free from discrimination, however, control 80% of trade.

However, chineses are usually discriminated when they apply for governments’ job. It’s open secret.

Then, there is an uproar. Whose country is this? Why are we giving cheap education for chinese?

And that makes me think a lot. Is this fair to just have pure meritocracy on government funded education?

Pure meritocracy is not racist. People get in on test scores. However, the policy disproportionately benefit chinese.

Let’s put this in a different way. Imagine if governments give money to those who are good at basket ball, those who have slanted eyes, or those with blue eyes, or those with light skin?

Then without being explicitly racist, government can create policies that are racist in practice. And obviously, under democracy, those that are not relatively better off will vote the other parties. Irrelevant of whether that’s fair or unfair.

While in general, I hate racism, I can sort of understand why many blacks demand affirmative actions. Imagine governments creating jobs, but they don’t get it. Imagine governments building universities they don’t get into. After all, who own the country? If there is war, they fight for the country too right?

A sample on how non racist laws can be very racist in practice without any merit whatsoever is punishing crack cocaine more than normal cocaine. Blacks use crack cocaine more and hence, go to jail more.

So what’s the solution? The libertarian in me, say, the solution is for government to do nothing but guarding security. Again, guarding security will also disproportionately benefit the rich and productive and not the thieves.

Another solution is for government to ignore races. The thing is, race is not ignorable. Most people favor their families, and hence, also their race compared to others, with the exception of white libtards.

I don’t know the solution. One thing for sure is, I see similar problems in US.

But at least you talk about it openly. In Indonesia it’s open secret.

Perhaps a better problem I can solve is, if I am chinese, what should I do?

Most chineses are businessmen or work in private sectors where discrimination is less.

I, personally, because I hate government so much, that’s always racist against me and my kind, choose bizs, that’s far away from government regulation as possible. I do internet marketing and use bitcoins.

Oh ya, that’s also why the chinese control 80% of economy in Indonesia. Businessmen tend to be richer. And that’s the only occupation we can do.

There is another solution that I think I can pull my self. Imagine if 80% of Indonesians are chinese. Then no body will complain that mere 2% of us control 80% of the economy right? Great. I’ll just hire sugar babies and knock them up and spread my genes to many.

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