Race is Not a Problem

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Race is not the problem. Imagine if corporation uses IQ instead of degree. This will greatly benefit us right?

⁠Obviously the low IQ don’t like it. So they pick some race that happens to have lower IQ average and say, IQ tests are racists.

⁠Now. Who benefits from prohibition of IQ tests? Black people? No. The one who benefit are the low IQ.

⁠When companies uses degrees instead of IQ to hire employee, then the high IQ and the low IQ need to spend a long time in school to get those degrees.

⁠Same with wealth.

⁠Oh ya, the group they use as mascots are always the same. That’s because higher IQ groups tend to be rich. So when they complain about wealth disparity they will act like they support black. When they complain about admissions in college or standardized tests, they will act like supporting black.

⁠All they benefit are the low IQs.

⁠Race is a diversion, like religion. They already want socialism even without considering those races.

⁠Of course, actual high IQ nigerians that come to US are doctors and is probably discriminated in favor of white female. But liberals don’t care. They want some impossible useless goal where all groups have the same income.

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