Quote from Matt Ridley

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

This word from Matt Ridley is the main reason why I am so sick of romantic love.

Good  Women Quote By Matt Ridley~Far from being laws to protect women, antipolygamy statutes may really do more to protect men.

Not only violation of individual freedom, especially freedom to be greedy, freedom to capture larger market price, and freedom to trade peacefully, is evil.

Those freedom often benefit those who can’t compete under free market.

It’s one thing to protect poor people from starvation. Protecting incels from being single by preventing women from picking other men is text book definition of treating women like mere objects.

From my point of view, considering this quote, it’s those promoting monogamy that treat other people like object.

If we see others’ as humans we value their individual freedom. People that don’t are those that treat humans like objects.

As usual, the one promoting racism in college admission say that those who want race neutral policies are racist. The same way those treating women like object by limiting their trade choices keep saying those who want freedom for everyone mysoginist.

If you love other people, respect their individual freedom. That’s it. It seems that such simple rules are a very high bar for most people. And yet they act like people like me are immoral.

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