Questioning Pure Capitalism

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All this time I seem to be very pro capitalism. I’ve been thinking, what about if I am actually more interested in something that’s not exactly the same.

That is, proper alignment between a person’s interests, and his economic productivity in the world. That is, it doesn’t have to be capitalistic. I don’t protest government court, or common defense, or cops, or roads, or even reasonable redistribution of wealth. I’ll give you a sample.

Under capitalism the price of good is the marginal usefulness of that good. If apple is $2 each that means one additional apple adds $2 to total happiness. That looks like proper alignment.

Of course this doesn’t work all the time. A doctor will recommend drugs he is paid by pharmacies to give. A lawyer can did the same. Many times customers have no idea what’s best for him.

Often sellers will hide important part of deals so customers buy due to mistakes.

Who build the road. What about if wealth gap is too high? What would stop the poor from just looting the rich?

So even though I like capitalism, it’s not like I am a hardcore anti commie.

I like land tax and UBI. I don’t like income tax and welfare, for example. Both are redistributive. However, income tax punish productive people. Welfare actually put power in politicians hands. Those politicians then use that to reward women to be single mothers, for example.

We don’t have that problem with land tax and universal basic income for childless adult.

Drug laws are another issue. Drug users care about their health. Politicians don’t care and want to criminalize all drugs, including the save one.

I wonder if any of you can see perverse incentive, where incentive of those who are in power is simply grossly misaligned to economy as a whole? And what is your fix?

To me, a solution is to have the market on top of the non market solutions.

For example, if we do not know which doctor is good, we need a market for doctor chooser. That will be better than government regulation. If we don’t like our government we should make it easy for disgruntled citizen to sell their voting right and right to live and move to another country.

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