Pyramid that Makes Sense

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I totally agree with this pyramid. I think land tax is the least harmful. Basically the more fair a tax is, the least harmful it is.

I would say georgian land tax is not only least harmful it’s actually good. It makes land allocated efficiently. Consumption taxes sucks is next.

That’s because productive individuals can still get rich by consuming less. Personal income tax is next because it punish people for working hard. However, one may argue that high salary in the west is due to better government. Corporate tax is the most harmful for economy.

The reason is the same with personal income tax except that the government is taxing an entity that can simply incorporate somewhere else. If you are an American employee, you may earn $100k because you work in US and hence, can’t escape to say, Seyschelles or Indonesia.

However, if you’re an American corporation, there is nothing that make the corporation to have to stay in USA. Now that we know about this pyramid, and I wonder if there are more sources for this, why don’t people start wanting more land taxes?

May be an image of text that says 'DECD Hierarchy of Taxes: Which tax affects economic growth? Corporate Taxes Most Harmful Personal Personal Income Taxes Consumption Taxes Property Taxes Least Harmfu'

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