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Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

My goal for publishing book is not really just about money. It’s about spreading the idea.But I think the idea is so big, once it becomes popular, it may rake in tons of money for publishers. Currently, every time I talked, so many want to squelch me. I just want the word to spread so much that it can’t be ignored anymore.

The content is politically incorrect. Here are some of the main points:
1. Anti prostitution laws and anti polygamy laws are there to “ration” females in equal share for everyone. It’s not there to protect women that often don’t mind.
2. Anti women trafficking are there to protect women in rich countries for having to compete with cheaper and often prettier women from poorer countries.
4. Legal definition of prostitution, namely sex in exchange of incentive, is so broad everything effectively is. Marriage is just prostitution where government is the pimp. Government is the worst pimp because it tries to force women into demanding more money from richer men. If that same women set her own price, such as not demanding exclusivity, or alimony, but straight forward cash instead, she is presumed to be a whore and can go to jail.
5. Deals everyone said is so bad that it should be prohibited are actually deals that are TOO GOOD, that those counting on the normal deals will lost customers. People doubt why would any rich pretty girls want to be sugar babies or concubines instead of a wife. To me, what’s strange is not that. What’s strange is why would any rich pretty girls want to settle for mediocre men,. It’s kind of strange to expect women to prefer marriage more than actual quality of men they can get. Not to mention the bigger financial support rich men often give.

I believe in free market. I think everything should be governed by free market and commercialized.

I think prosperity of the whole world depend on how properly aligned our interests toward productivity is. The more we reward the productive, the more people become productive rather than resorting to be tyrants or corrupt officials.

Meritocracy requires proper signal on how much something “worth”. That way, people know what to offer and can get fairly rewarded for what they produce.

Procreation with a beautiful smart woman is an extremely valuable offer. Yet, what’s the price? The mere act of assigning monetary value is already so politically incorrect.

How mess up a situation is can be easily measured by how distorted commodity price from market price.

The most distorted commodity price is of course, drug, sex, and organs.

I happen to concentrate on sex because it directly affect our reproductive success, which is 80-90% of humans’ utility function. According to evolutionary psychology, men spend most of his money on conspicuous consumption to attract a mate. Imagine if all those money goes to women and children straight? There will be no more poverty in the world. However, for that to work, it of course has to be his biological children. Using your money to pay women to beget your own biological children is legally complex. Women cannot, for example, commit not to demand too much child support payment. Government set child support payment proportional to man’s wealth.

Societies are often too socialists when it comes to reproductive success. We are expected to have 2.5 kids irrelevant of how much we want to have kids, how much we can afford those kids, or how much we can attract mates.

At the end, so many people that don’t even want to have kids, can’t afford it, and can’t attract mates somehow produce more children.

I am not eugenic. I do not advocate government to actively encourage or discourage anyone to reproduce. As I said, I believe in free market.

Currently government actively encourage and subsidize poor people to reproduce while making costs artificially prohibitive for the rich. I think this is pretty much 90% cause of all poverty in the world. Get rid of this distortion and everyone will be better off.

Should I start sending book sample?

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