Problems with Universal Basic Income

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Many people support some form of universal basic income.

I like that too. It’s like corporations.

All citizens have a share. Now, each citizen can vote.

However, it seems to have one massive flaw.

In corporations, each shareholder earns its share by contributing to the corporation.

In a country, a citizen earns their share by being born in the right place.

We have guys like

He contributes almost nothing to the economy, but he produced 40 children.

The thing is, Andrew Young must have thought of that.

That is why Andrew limit Universal Basic Income to 18 years old and up.

But even this not good enough. The poor will want to breed more because they don’t have to worry about their kids anyway once the kid reaches 18 years old.

While this is a fundamental problem of democracy, it’ll be even worse with Universal Basic Income.

I think Universal Basic Income is a good idea if not because of this one big flaw.

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