Prejudices Against Capitalism

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

One of the thing I learned in Mensa is that good fathers change diapers. The problem with that sentence is it looks like prejudice to me. It doesn’t even make sense scientifically. What is a good father?

Is there any research that shows linkage between father changing diapers and children’s future income or wealth?

I bet fathers that change their own children diapers will have children with lower income. Such fathers don’t hire baby sitters and are usually poorer. So why do people believe that good fathers change diapers?

If you can’t measure something, that means the idea doesn’t even have objective meaning. Abusive, harassment, racism. Different people have different ideas of it. So how the hell the idea that good fathers change diapers become common? It doesn’t make sense.

It’s not supported by any research. I asked the person for research and can’t find any. My guess is that changing diapers is expensive for fathers that can hire baby sitters. So anything that is more expensive for richer dads is believed without evidence.

Our world have very strong prejudices against capitalism.

And that’s why we have those weird bigotic ideas. Are there samples of other prejudices?

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