Poverty will Be Very Low Under Capitalism.

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Many women prefer the rich. If women got rich men, their kids will have rich dad.

Those who don’t often also have choices to do so. And that should justify the opinion that kids don’t have poor dad due to choices, namely mom’s choices.

Also most women want to do hypergamy just like men wanting to do polygamy. Men tend to want quantity. Women tend to want quality. So it’s quite easy for reasonably pretty girls to get really rich guys if she doesn’t insist on half his wealth or monogamy.

Then poor people don’t really want to have children. If you measure how much people want something you can do so by comparing would you rather have another children or $100k.

Billionaires would gladly pay $100k to have another children. The number for poor people is much lower. Children are merely byproduct of sex for most people.

Because poor people don’t really want to have children, offering money to childless people or taxing children or, if you’re libertarian, simply eliminating welfare and public school, will greatly reduce number of children poor people have. In economic terms, poor people are very elastic when it comes to children’s price

So in the absence of monogamy norms, government involvement in marriage, prohibition of transactional sex, welfare, and income taxes, poverty problems will go away by themselves.

Most kids will have richer dad and poverty will be gone by themselves.

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