Perhaps, the Market Doesn’t Have to Govern Everything Directly

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Say I go to the cinema.

The cinema has a dictator regulating things.

In theater one they show captain marvel. Why? I protested. I think captain marvel should be in theater 2, and dead pool should be in theater 1.

My protest went to a deaf ear, and I am escorted out of the cinema.

Then I start thinking. First, the above story didn’t happen. It’s just an illustration.

The market doesn’t govern the cinema. The market principle doesn’t govern which movie is being shown. The cinema has managers and owners with the ultimate powah to govern the cinema.

Hell, I don’t even have the right to bring my popcorn to the cinema.

The rulers of the cinema decide that bringing my popcorn is not a human right and they said I couldn’t.

Is this wrong?

Well, what’s important is I am getting an excellent win-win deal right. Things can be consensual or not. Things can violate humans’ right or not.

What’s genuinely matter is I am getting a good deal.

Yes, consents and humans’ right tend to give me good deals. Those who bring good deals to me go through the front door of consent. Those who bring bad deals to me go through the backdoors of fraud and force.

So my consent and independent should be a value by itself. However, it shouldn’t be absolute. Many consensual deals are effectively fraudulent.

Many nonconsensual deals are good.

I remembered a long time ago. A friend of mine paid $3500 for insurance that worths only $35.

Is my friend getting a good deal?


Is it consensual? Well, arguably.

The fee is not written clearly in the contract and my friend sign that he understands and agrees to the whole arrangement.

It still sucks right?

Another friend got a good governor managing his city. Is it consensual? No. Not in a libertarian sense anyway. He votes for the governor. However, other citizens vote for the governor too.

Next five years the good governor is replaced by a bad governor against his consent either.

But that good governor, even though become his governor through a method that’s not entirely consensual, is nevertheless a good governor.

Voting doesn’t mean things are consensual. Your choices depend on the choices of others too much.

Letting provinces to govern as they please and then you move to provinces you like is far more consensual.

Is the market not governing the cinema? I can just move to another cinema.

That’s the market way.

Cinemas are not directly governed by the market. The market God doesn’t come to the cinema’s owner and say turn Captain Marvel in theater 1.

What the market does is almost nothing. We have a government that prohibits force and fraud. When it comes to cinemas, governments are quite libertarian.

Then customers like me choose my cinema.

The market doesn’t govern each cinema directly. We don’t have a fully automated free market cinema yet.

The market governs cinema indirectly.

What about the states?

Many states are not libertarians. We got minimum wage; we got laws against victimless crimes.

In my country, 70% of prisoners are caught for using drugs. The laws themselves are not clear. We got laws against possession with harsh sentence and laws against usage with light sentences.

Of course, anyone that use must have possessed. So judges have some leeway in deciding, depending on the bribes, who goes to jail.

Does it suck? Well. Is my country poor? Yes.

Do you think my country is a shit hole? You haven’t seen Syria, Venezuela, or I don’t know. What about Detroit?

You see. States too are governed by karma or the free market. Poorly governed countries go wrong. The well-governed state gets rich.

As states becoming more and more similar to private companies, countries are governed better and better.

So like libertarians, I like the free market and don’t want governments intervention. Most are bad.

However, I wouldn’t be too pessimistic on governments intervention by itself.

Look at any governments’ intervention that you don’t like. The free market will get rid of it too.

Imagine governments giving minimum wage to everyone. Do you think they can keep doing it? Jobs will move to China then.

Huge tax? Well. Corporations will merely incorporate somewhere else with lower fees and taxes.

What about if I can’t leave? What about if no country wants to accept me?

Well, that’s a problem I can solve. That’s something I can work on and well within my control. I have to make my self more attractive to countries.


Get rich. Have my businesses.

If one government doesn’t like you, it may be that governments’ fault. If all governments do not like you, then something is wrong with you. Maybe your IQ is not high enough. Maybe you’re not an athlete.

Libertarianism is about what’s inside of you more than what’s outside of you.

States governments, however, happens often due to what’s outside than what’s inside.

If your state faces tough competition, like China or the US, then they get better.

If your state doesn’t have competitors, like China throughout thousands of years, then things will go bad and we have dynasty cycles again and again and again.

Just look at this comprehensively and stop dividing things into useless category.

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