People, Children, Gods, Minorities, and Women

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I sometimes wonder why people often speak on behalf of people, children, gods, minorities, and women.

All those people and things do not speak credibly for themselves? I mean they can speak for themselves, of course. Yet we’re supposed to ignore what they say and stick with the narratives that other users on behalf of those people.

Take a look at Apu. Most Indians probably found it funny. I do not think any Indians are offended by Apu. If anything they’re happy they are represented in the SimpsonsSome woke to say that it’s offensive.

Offensive to who? Indians? The Indians themselves are not offended but people listen to them.

Those beings are like pets. They don’t speak for themselves and when they do people tend to stick with narratives others speak for them instead of what they say.

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