Why Homosexuals Don't go Extinct?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

People say that homosexuality can cause extinction. How can there are still gay people in the world?

According to http://www.narth.com/docs/nothardwired.html, Dr. Francis S. Collins support the idea that homosexuality is not hard wired.

The heritability of homosexuality is “only” 20%. That is, the probability that an identical twin raised independently will be homosexual if the other one is will be 20%.

First of all, that is much higher than the “normal” probability of 2-3%.

Hence, while homosexuality is obviously inheritable, it is not hardwired.

That raises a lot of question.

Let’s back to our first question. How can there still be gay people in the world.

It turns out that being homosexual does not decrease your gene pool survival rate as seriously as people have thought. What kicks you out of the gene pool is lack of success in mating with the opposite sex, not strong desire for to mate with the same sex.

In other word, impotence will kick you out of the gene pool way faster than bisexuality.

However, for most males, homosexuality is either a yes or no. While many women are bisexual, men are either homosexual or heterosexual with few between. At least according to Kinsey’s in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinsey_Reports.

Still according to Francis statement, heritability of homosexuality is only 20%. So whatever genes that “cause” homosexuality will only kick you out of the gene pool 20% of the time, at most. That gene may come in package with other edge, like better male bonding skills, or better artistic skills, etc.

All in all, we have impotence, suicidal, and poor males. It’s not strange to see gay people as a normal variation. In fact, homosexuality won’t hurt your gene pool survival much more than say, monogamy. The former will simply reduce the number of your potential mate from 1 to 0, rather than the normal number of 1000.

What truly surprises me is why so many religious bigots oppose homosexuality so much?

I’ve never heard religions condemn impotence, or lack of money making skills, or lack of promiscuity.

Love of Money is Root of All Peace And Prosperity

One day, I was playing an age of empire game. There is this character called Genghis Khan. Genghis said that to unite Mongols they need to have common enemies.

Why they need common enemies?

The way we evolve is when we’re not at war, we’re in a race. When we’re not at war, we’re in peace. But peace means competition. Each male wants as many females as possible. When one male get plenty the other don’t get any.

So, when one male is successful, the other will get in the way. Most societies in the world then have various laws prohibiting success. Women prefer the rich, and hence the communists prohibit wealth. The religious conservatives also prohibit various free sex. That’s because freedom means competition and some people are simply not sexually competitive.

Each human want to maximize their gene pool proportion in their favor. That aspect of life is always a zero sum game. Hence, peace is not a more pareto optimal solution than war.

Imagine a country with 2 citizens, Bob and John. Say Bob is superior to John. During war, Bob will have better tactics, better strategy, and kill John. During peace, Bob will have better businesses, better stock prediction, more money, and attract more females than John. So, either in peace or war, Bob will survive in the gene pool.

Hence, there isn’t really any preference between Bob and John to support peace. The outcome of peace and war is the same anyway, the superior win.

Things get a little bit more complicated, and realistic, when people are superior in different areas. For example, say John predicts stocks better, and Bob fights better. Obviously Bob prefers war and John prefers peace if both care only about their gene pool survival.

During peace, John will make more money and attract more women. During war, Bob will beat the shit out of John and mate with more women. Because peace requires both to agree while war requires only the initiative of one side, war is then a more natural outcome.

That is why we have so many wars over so many strange reasons. People have been fighting due to different religious doctrines, intolerance of consensual acts, or a small piece of resources, such as land.

I call it a small piece of resources because the market value of the land is often much less than the amount of military expenditure spent to acquire it that no business minded political leader would invest for war campaign over the land. The true purpose of war is then to snuff off male surplus on those countries.

Yet there is hope. That hope is the desire for higher standard of living. Love of money, is then the root of all peace.

For evolutionary purposes, war and peace make little different. Some people will survive better in the gene pool anyway whether they are at war or at peace. In fact, many people will survive better in the gene pool through war than through peace.

However, war and peace make one big different. Peace leads to higher standard of living for both sides.

Here, even though Bob fights better, Bob would realize that he’ll have higher standard of living if he choose peace with John. That means he’ll survive less in the gene pool, but the higher standard of living may make up for it more. So Bob then want peace too.

Can Porn be Really More Dangerous Than War? For Who?

So many people believe that porn is immoral while war is holy. So many others believe that war is immoral while porn is fine.

Interestingly, people sense of morality, in regards to porn and war, tend to be negatively correlated. Peace protestors are often naked, which would offend highly (self declared) righteous people like Osama Bin Laden and George Bush.

The religious militants, on the other hand, would often kill a lot of civilians, which would offend civilians a lot.

So, which one is right?

Perhaps, rather than trying to decide which one is right or wrong, it’s better to just observe and understand how different humans’ interests motivate different algorithms to classify right from wrong. Continue reading “Can Porn be Really More Dangerous Than War? For Who?”

The Whole Point Of Getting Rich

Rich males want as many females as possible. That’s the whole point of getting rich. Women prefer the rich. Rich males can attract and afford more women. And that’s why many want so many laws against consensual sex. To exterminate the best and brightest, and hence, tougher competitors from the gene pool.

Polygamy allows those with under represented, hence rare and valuable, talent to survive better in the gene pool. Prostitution allow those who serve the market more to simply used the money they earn fairly to hire women to create more productive individuals.

Sex laws against consensual sex, like anti prostitution and anti polygamy is slow genocide against those who are able and willing to pay for reproduction. Those are the kind of people that won’t bother the rest of us with welfare.

Why do you think the Jews and Mormon are model minority? Where are the smart among everyone else? They’re gone, because smart monks can’t even get married.

When unproductive people want to breed 12 kids, it’s legal because it’s humans’ right. That right, of course, implies the right to force the rest of us to support their kids. Even the poor liberal often prefer to have higher standard of living than making more kids. That’s why they instinctively want drugs legalization, gay right, and “pro-choice.” We’re losing money without making them happy. It’s a highly inefficient appeasement.

Yet, when rich smart males want to beget as many kids as he can afford, then virtually all ways become immoral. The billionaires cannot just pay women for sex because of anti prostitution law. Anti polygamy laws means they cannot have more than one wife. Child support laws are set up proportional to a man’s wealth rather than the need of a child. If child support law is 20% of your income per kids, for example, then no matter how rich you are you can’t afford more than 5 kids.

All these are not very surprising, when we understand that deep inside, less capable individuals crave the extermination of those more capable than them. That’s why people like Hitler became so popular.

Contemporary definition of sin in any religion is no longer acts that hurt others. Nowadays, sins mean success. When men successfully, and honestly, make money and mate with many females, suddenly that’s sin. The same happen to men that show “unusual capability.”

That’s why the mob free Barabas and demand Jesus to be put to death. That’s why religious leaders preach forgiveness toward thieves, burglars, and murderers while demanding heavy punishment for men that successfully, honestly, and consensually make a lot of money and mate with many females.

Living as the best and brightest is best or bust. They often do things differently, which mean they can be very successful, or fail up miserably. Unless the successful among them do not make many kids, they won’t make enough kids to compensate for the failure among them. Soon, they’ll be gone. The horde of evil parasites will simply become more and more. With huge voting power, they’ll simply want more and more.

Why Prostitution is Illegal

The short answer to that question is to protect marriage.

That answer would soon lead to two other questions.
1. How does prohibition of prostitution protect marriage more than prohibition of other forms of free sex?
2. Why bother protecting marriage? A better question would be, “Why some people bother protecting marriage institution?”

Prohibition of prostitution protects marriage because prostitution directly competes with marriage institution. We all want to have sex. Some want us to have sex within marriage. So those people tend to oppose all sex outside marriage.

Prostitution is special because among all sex outside marriage, prostitution is the one directly competing with marriage the most. That’s because marriage is a form of prostitution.

A kid asks his dad, “Dad, how much does it cost to get married?” Daddy says, “I don’t know son. I am still paying.” That’s what marriage is all about. Men pay for sex.

But of course marriage is not just a regular prostitution. Marriage has other features. Some call it, “sacredness”, “holiness”, “love”, blab la, etc.

In other words, marriage is a regular prostitution plus a bunch of irrational bullshits.

Those bullshits give governments various justifications to interfere in marriage with various restrictive rules, such as prohibition of polygamy to ration females in equal share for every one. Such restrictive rules, cause market distortion.

Now, all market distortion profits somebody right?

Minimum wage, for example, hurt productivity as a whole. However it benefits some workers, causing unemployment for the others, and hurt businessmen. So those some workers that are benefited support minimum wage.

Protection to failing industry benefits the owners of those failing industry while preventing technological progress. Still some people support such protection and subsidy.

So, it’s natural then to expect that someone, somewhere, somehow, want to protect marriage institution so much. That’s because they survive better in the gene pool when such restrictions exist than if they don’t.

Without marriage, some alpha males will mate with all the women. With marriage, the non alpha males get women too. So non alpha males prefer marriage so much.

Another Article


This one looks reasonably objective to me.

It would be interesting to see what sort of “Prisoner of War” Hezbollah want to free. As far as I know, they try to free a fighter that fight during peace rather than war, and hence should be classified as terrorists or criminals rather than Prisoner of War.

Israel agreed to release some terrorists in exchange or Ron Aran. Ron was a pilot that attacked Lebanon also during peace time.

That’s not helpful. Why kill civilians and free terrorists? Civilians have no bargaining position for their release while terrorists have.

What We Can Learn from Lebanon Israel Conflict

Thousands would march to oppose death penalty. Even Israel abolishes death penalty. When someone murder, kill, burglarize, rob, rape, flay, torture, whatever, that person must not die. Politicians will come up with thousands of reasons why it’s bad to kill bad guy.

Let me try to paraphrase it.

Say you have a beautiful 14 years old daughter. Say someone break into your apartment. Rob you all your wealth. Rape your daughter. Flay her alive. Slowly killing her for 6 months.

Say a miracle happens. Say God himself interferes. Say Jesus come from heaven to earth, videotapes everything, and give the tape to Mossad.

Say an even bigger miracle happens. Say someone in Israel governments think that the case worth investigating.

Now the asshole is brought to jail. Will he get death penalty? Here’s a hint. No. Will Samir Kuntar get death penalty. No. In fact, his accomplice, Ahmed Abarrass, is freed. Yap. You read me. Freed. That guy murder 4 Israel civilians. He’s a free man, drinking beer and sleeping with women now among the crowds worshipping him as hero.

Sniff sniff. That’s pretty touchy. Israel governments must be a really benevolent government choosing not to harm even such a monster.

Ah… I am making this up. The first is just theory. The second is unsual circumstances.

So here is another example:

Kozo Okamoto was one of the members involved in the attack on the Israeli Lod airport, now Ben Gurion International Airport, in 1972. He was jailed in Israel following the Tel Aviv airport attack. In May 1985, Okamoto was freed in an exchange of prisoners between Israeli and Palestinian forces. Subsequently, he was imprisoned in Lebanon for three years for forging visas and passports. The Lebanese authorities granted Okamoto asylum in 1999 because he fought against Israel.

I know, prisoners exchange, have some uses. However, most Lebanese would be much more pleased if Israel chooses not to attack their country even if that means not freeing some murderers. No international condemnation would come from condemning a violent terrorist to death.

What sorts of governments, including Israel governments, kill then?

Take a look at this:


Yet, those same politicians would come up with thousands of reasons why thousands of businessmen must die.

Lebanon economy is a free market economy. It’s a rare country that gets rich mainly from doing things right rather than from oil or war. It’s just like the Jews used to be in Europe. And that’s also why they are whacked.

We have the Nazi, the communists, etc. etc.

Virtually all governments kill way more successful peaceful businessmen than assholes.

That’s another sample how humans’ instinctive natures and emotions are geared to kill the peaceful and successful.

What do you think?

NB: I thought the Jews were different. I was wrong. Well, welcome to the club then. It’ll give a whole new meaning of being human isn’t it?

I Am Very Dissapointed with Israel

I am not against Israel. To the opposite, I used to admire them.

There are so few Jews that contribute so much to our world and the world repay them with genocide.

They want a piece of land they call home. Given that they’re prosecuted everywhere else, we can certainly tolerate that.

Yea, Israel has a slightly racist immigration laws. However, many countries, like Arab Saudi also discriminates based on religion.

Not only that, all of our ancestors gets their land through bloodshed. These Jews, at first try to buy their land.

So yea, I admired Israel. At least I used to.

You see, in Arab-Israel conflicts, there used to be many reasons to side with Israel. Those reasons no longer exist.

In my opinion, for example, Arabs and often Muslims are harder to appease than the Jews. In my countries there are plenty of religious extremists demanding so many laws against individual freedom. More over, I cannot understand why anyone would be angry over cartoons. If people can get angry over cartoons, we’ll never know what pissed them of latter. So why bother trying to appease them?

However, most Muslims do not resort to violence and there are religious bigots everywhere from any religions.

I used to think Israel is easier to appease. If only Hamas stop killing the Israelis, then things will go right again.

Well, I was wrong.

Here is what I read in http://www.hoffmania.com/blog/2006/07/total_confusion.html

The portrayal of Israel as the innocent victim in the Gaza conflict is hard to square with the death toll in the months leading up to the current crisis; between September 2005 and June 2006, 144 Palestinians in Gaza were killed by Israeli forces, according to a list compiled by the Israeli human rights group B’tselem; 29 of those killed were children. During the same period, no Israelis were killed as a result of violence from Gaza.

I used to admire US and Israel because they fight terrorists. Terrorists kill civilians. Terrorists damage economy. Now, who are killing civilians? The Israel.

Israel may bitch about 2 of their soldiers that got kidnapped. However, killing thousands of civilians in retaliation is highly disproportionate. For all we know, Israel can always strike Lebanon again when a Lebanese give a bad hair cut to a Jew.

I watch the news carefully. What have Hamas did to Israel since they got elected? Hamas make a 1 sided cease fire. For months. Looks like Israel try to keep pocking them under the pretext that Hamas is so evil and need to be destroyed. Israel seized tax money taken from Palestinians, for example. That’s stealing folks.

All this time, the opponents of Israel are often really really fucked up country. Iraq, for example, is lead by dictators. Most of us would look the other way around if Israel attacks Iran, or the communist North Korea. Perhaps the people there will be better of if they lost the war because that means they’ll effectively be liberated.

I am surprised when I found out that Lebanon is a free market country.

Finally, I used to admire the Jews because I thought they’re very smart. Well, my country just got 4 gold medals in International Olympiad. What do the Israel got? Nothing. If we properly align our interests to productivity, we can be richer than the Jews. They’ve became more like the Nazi, while the rest of us have became more of what they used to be.

Truth, Justice, the New American Way

Faster than the speeding bullet and using infra red detection to locate humans’ location, SuperBushMan has been helping to guide Israel’s bombs to reach their target.

Superman has been an epitome of American’s ideals for truth and justice for so long. “As his substitute, and when those ideals change, I am adapting my nature to those ever evolving cutting edge values,” SuperBushMan clarified.

“It really makes law enforcement easier,” said Ehud Olmert, current Israel’s prime minister.

“We’re saving cash. We got bigger bangs per each missile,” Ehud added. “Hezbollah won’t give up even if we kill thousands of them. So far we can only kill 100 due to our lousy ground troops. That left killing civilian’s infrastructure as the only way left to make the enemies yield.” Ehud clarified further, “C’mon… Every body knows it.”

“Finally, someone embracing my teaching” Osama Bin Laden stated latter approvingly in his next video hit. Osama expressed anger over his businessman twin brother that died in the attack. “I think businessmen have shorter life span than terrorist overlords. If only he stops being a businessman and join my path,” Osama lamented. “It’s his fault. In the world we live in now, you should start terrorists business rather than banking business. There’s more money. You’re more powerful to reject threat. Innocence don’t pay. Terrorists on all sides can simply come up with various excuses to kill you anyway.”

SuperBushMan then justified his action, “I am defending innocents. What a better way to do so than defending people’s right to defend them self by making the process more cost efficient,”

“You (help) killed my whole family,” cried 6 years old Ali bin Hasan, whose dad worked helping Jewish’ refugees during the Nazi era and whose Mom used to sell G rated fat free kosher pancakes.

Ali then hit SuperBushMan with a flying round house tiger cane shadow meld jihad kick that could have been deathly to most people. SuperBushMan then bites off Ali’s head in self defense to provide samples he wanted the rest of us to follow.

“Yummy,” said SuperBushMan.

“Fuck, I am joining the Nazi,” said Karl, Ali’s neighbor that is spared the bombing because he was visiting his mom in German. “It could have been me,” Karl added. Hassan, Ali’s other neighbor, is joining Al Qaeda shortly after.

“That’s actually a good thing,” said Ehud Olmert. “Some twenty years from now, I’ll have more excuse to self defending every belligerent men’s right to kill all civilians in the world.”

“With SuperBushMan vetoing all the countries in UN, when else I can do this stuff? By failing to prevent the kidnapping of some soldiers, the pro free market Lebanese civilians try to bring the whole world into another world war. That’s why they deserve extermination” said Ehud. Ehud then added, “Kidnapping soldiers is bad okay?”

Ehud then moved on warning Lebanese not to ever give any soldiers a bad hair cut. “You’d never know what we’ll do to you because of it,” winked Ehud.

Most political analyst thinks that it’s only so bad if you don’t have enough SAM sites against jet fighters suggesting more weapon expenditures from all sides.”

Ehud then explained further, “Actually, buying those land is cheaper than buying jet planes, but I got more support back home doing it this way.”

“Hail Ehud!” cries hordes of Zealot extremists raising their right arm and clasping their heels.

“The Jews Ubber Alles,” answered Ehud.

“However, I totally oppose death penalty even against serial killers and hardened criminals like Samir Kuntar,” SuperBushMan continued, praising anti Israel’s anti death penalty stance against the terrorist murderer that killed 4 Jewish family.

He added, “I prefer some long life time sentences that’ll motivate his friend to capture some soldiers to free him causing all this exciting opportunities to keep military generals on payroll. It’s not the terrorists that must die. It’s everyone else in both sides.”

“By choosing not to bring Samir to death penalty, even at the huge costs of money, and civilians on both sides, Israel governments show that they hold the sanctity of humans’ life even for those least deserving it,” continue SuperBushMan. “Imagine how well they value the life of those more deserving it than Samir?” SuperBushMan reasoned.

“But of course, peaceful businessmen and soldiers are subhumans that have less priority to live than even a vile terrorist, so it’s okay to kill thousands of them than to kill a convicted mass murderer. Ask Stalin, Mao Tze Tung, Hitler, or any other politicians,” argued SuperBushMan.

“In fact, I am actually pro life and the sanctity that all it entails,” added SuperBushMan recalling his valiant effort to prevent removal of feeding tubes from Terry Schiavo.

Even SuperBushMan cannot prevent all crimes though.

During 9/11, when the twin towers got hit by plane, for example, Lois Lane, along with thousands of other women was kidnapped, raped, gang banged, and tortured to death by various criminals. But SuperBushMan was nowhere to be seen due to serious law enforcement somewhere else.

“USC. § 2252C. Misleading words or digital images on the Internet

‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—Whoever knowingly embeds words or digital images into the source code of a website with the intent to deceive a person into viewing material constituting obscenity shall be fined under this title and imprisoned for not more than 10 years.

‘‘(b) MINORS.—Whoever knowingly embeds words or digital images into the source code of a website with the intent to deceive a minor into viewing material harmful to minors on the Internet shall be fined under this title and imprisoned for not more than 20 years.

‘‘(c) CONSTRUCTION.—For the purposes of this section, a word or digital image that clearly indicates the sexual content of the site, such as ‘sex’ or ‘porn’, is not misleading.

‘‘(d) DEFINITIONS.—As used in this section—HR 4472 EAS

‘‘(1) the terms ‘material that is harmful to minors’ and ‘sex’ have the meaning given such terms in section 2252B; and ‘‘(2) the term ‘source code’ means the combination of text and other characters comprising the content, both viewable and nonviewable, of a web page, including any website publishing language, programming language, protocol or functional content, as well as any successor languages or protocols.’’.

(b) TABLE OF SECTIONS.—The table of sections for chapter 110 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by inserting after the item relating to section 2252B the following:

‘‘2252C. Misleading words or digital images on the Internet.”

exclaimed SuperBushMan, reciting the law by heart thanks to his super brain.

We got to protect our parents’ right to control what their kids can watch.” SuperBushMan added.

SuperBushMan then flew to beat up some mom for buying her kids some game with MA-13 VRC’s rating for his coming next birthday.

The kid is, legally, only 12 years old.