Politics end in money. So arguing that there shouldn’t be money politic is non sense.

What is morality if not ones’ own interest? People check the new rules, examine whether it’ll serve his interest or not. If it is, it’s moral. If it isn’t it’s immoral.

And what’s righteousness, if not the whim of those who are the strongest.

Why Some Things Are Politically Incorrect?

Without homosexuality, prostitution, porn, and drugs, the non alpha males will have strong intensives to prohibits polygamy. Without polygamy, cloning, and sperm donations, which are all politically incorrect, the richest, smartest, most productive males in our society cannot make a lot of kids.

So all those sex laws are really meant to wipe out the best and brightest from the gene pool.

Why Some Countries Have So Much Corruption?

When a country embrace free market, customers decide which products they’ll buy. So business will try to please customers.

However, when governments can override customers choices, such as in anti liquor, anti prostitution, anti drugs, anti immigration, and protections, business will try to please governments official with power to override those customers’ choice.

Why I am not a Pure Libertarian

A pure libertarian is a person, who will say to the poor, “Just die starving because welfare is wrong.” Such person will also say to the non alpha males, “Women prefer the rich, so get the hell out of the gene pool. Don’t forget to protect your superior.”

Such pure libertarianism is not going to be very motivational. That’s why libertarians have too few followers.

Perhaps, rather than telling those who’re not financially productive and sexually attractive, we’ll be better of to buy their votes from those willing to sell it at the cheapest rate.

In other words, we get as close to libertarian solution within a democracy system.

How Taxing Utilities Can Keep Governments In Check

Under free market, all companies can talk all they want that all the stuff they put there is for my own good. However, if the product is overpriced or if it doesn’t serve my interest to get the product, I just don’t buy it.

No companies, full with corruption and inefficiency, will last in the market, unless it is governments companies. Continue reading “How Taxing Utilities Can Keep Governments In Check”