Why We Do Not Kill Each Other?

Humans are evil, hypocritical, and coward. We’re set up to kill each other. So we do.

Then we come up with fairy tales to justify it. The main reason, often if not the only one, why we do not kill each other is simply because we fear each other.

Just ask those who create mutual assured destruction in nuclear war how to prevent nuclear war and we’ll got the point.

Who are Superior?

Obviously, the lions are superior than the cats. Yet, cats survive in the gene pool way more than lions.

That’s because we’re affraid of lions. So we raise cats as pets and kill lions.

If you make a lot of money productively, belong to an ethnic group that win disproportionately large number of nobel prize, or are highly attractive, beware that many would want to kill you.

That’s because many will consider you dangerous, either as enemies or as somebody too tough to compete with.