Number of Children the Rich and the Poor Have Have a lot To Do with Welfare

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Show me a sample of a millionaire with 10+ kids that are not bankrupted by child support? Actually show me a sample of a millionaire with 10+ kids.

Barbara, don’t throw the rich don’t want kids to me. Not even one of those millionaires want children? C’mon….

I can think of Osama bin Laden kind of males. It seems that you do need to kill or be violent if you want to win in gene pool game.

Here is another thing about gene pool survival. 1000 years ago, your wealth would have been gone. It’ll be redistributed to your children or seized by government or thieves. All that’s left, 1000 years from now, is how many descendants you have.

Harold, I have only one daughter. I do not wish to go extreme and make more till I am a millionaire. After I am a millionaire, what should I do? Obviously my wife can’t pop another one out. Divorcing her will be expensive. She told me she doesn’t care actually if I have another girls but sort of angry and not contemporary problem anyway.

Sigh… I’ll just get rich first and think about it latter.

The fact that rich people have fewer children than poor people have A LOT to do with welfare and child support. Without welfare, the poor won’t have grand children, and those smart enough will not have children at all till they’re rich.

Without huge child support payment set up by the state rather than by the woman being impregnated, cost of producing children will drop among rich males and the rich will produce more children.

Harold, this is too obvious.

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