No System if Perfect and George’s Death Isn’t That Wrong

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In Indonesia, a guy is arrested by cops for killing his whole family. What happens is a robber killed his family. His mom is in hospital and the cops said your mom won’t be treated unless you confess. Years later, everyone knows what happens and the guy is freed.

That’s it. Now that infuriates me. Cops just said, well, cops make mistakes. Mistakes my ass. They know the confession is forced. They threatened victims to confess less his mom is dead. Do you see the Chinese community rioting? We don’t even ask for the cops to be jailed.

That’s what’s sickening to me. Far worse shit happens with impunity. Yet people make a big deal of some accidents that happen on an already well-functioning system.

Many would say that US has a higher standard. Really? Fucking really? With a murder rate 10 times higher than Indonesia, that’s not even true. And you worry about something that’s not even that wrong.

The system works the way it should be. The cops will be charged. The victim’s family will get compensated. This is already far better than Indonesians’ system for example.

Why is this one case a big deal? In fact, I think I know why it’s a big deal. It’s a big deal precisely because it’s rare. Why is it rare? Because the system is working as it should be. It’s a good system already.

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