No Matter How You Define It Some Evil is Always Necessary

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

It’s not true that we only get money by being productive. The fact of life is, humans also rob each other.

There isn’t any way to completely get rid this aspect.

Think it this way, why the Chinese don’t nuke US? Why US don’t nuke China?

Because we’re both are nice civilized guys that just don’t kill each other to solve our differences? Do we?

We’re good. We’re not that good.

Chinese and US do not nuke each other because they got nuke at each other to keep the other one in check.

What does that mean?

That means that our peace comes when there is a balance of power. When there is no balance of power, the ideas of “you strong you win” and “you win you are right” will simply show us the true reality.

Even robbing business has a market like check and balance. Rob too much, and people would join the other side. Ask the Nazis. Rob too little and you’re not maximizing your robbing profit.

So rather than judging things as good or bad, we may judge things on relative robbing in comparison to their bargaining position. Then we come up with ways so that people’s interests are properly aligned with productivity as a whole.

Under democracy, which is a more efficient way to settle differences than civil war, each of us has a robbing power called voting right. Governments are like businesses and every group want as many dividend as possible using their voting right to get it.

Governments build free road and free schools to indoctrinate students with irrational non sense.

Governments protect workers from foreign competitions. Governments subsidize farm products. Governments protect the wealth of the rich at no extra cost besides income tax, that tax income rather than wealth.

US Government slaughters Arabs so oil companies get better contracts. Those Arabs fight back once in a while.

Governments even prohibit polygamy to ration females in equal share for everyone. For the religious conservative, it’s their dividend.

What do the welfare parasites ask? They just want cash. I said give them.

Free market is abundance. Help the needy, buy their votes. Love thy neighbors, get them high. So shall we be called the children of our father in heaven that rain down happiness to productive and parasites.

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